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The Highest and Lowest Elevation of Every U.S. State


America is known for its majestic, varied landscapes and plentiful opportunities for outdoor exploration. There are soaring peaks that pierce the clouds, rolling plains speckled with flowers, and deserts that shimmer in the sun. With so many mountains to choose from, it is no wonder that hiking is a beloved pastime in the United States. Some ambitious people even seek to summit all of the highest points in America – one such organization is The Highpointers Club. Due to the difficulty of summiting Denali in Alaska at 20,320’, many only attempt to reach the highest points of the 48 contiguous states. American siblings Josh and Lindsay Sanders made the record for climbing the 48 highpoints in 2015 in 19 days, 7 hours, and 37 minutes. They climbed over 280 miles and drove for another 14,000 to achieve this incredible feat.

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