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How Much Do Metal Buildings Cost? Quotes and Prices

At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we strive to keep our metal building prices affordable without sacrificing the high-quality craftsmanship you expect. That’s why we’re proud to offer free delivery and installation whenever you purchase a metal building through us! We also include a 20-year rust-through warranty on all 12-gauge tubing. The exact price of our custom garages and carports will vary based on the specific options you choose, but we can give you a general idea of how much a metal building costs here. For a more detailed metal building quote, use our 3D builder tool to create and price your new steel structure or give us a call for personal assistance.

Pricing estimates are based on the building requirements in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia. Metal building prices are subject to change without notice.

A tan metal building with one garage door and one walk-in door

Fully Enclosed Metal Building Prices

  • Regular Roof Option
  • Boxed-Eave Roof Option
  • Vertical Roof Option
 12’ wide18’ wide20’ wide22’ wide24’ wide
20’ long$3,540$3,900$4,450$4,920$5,270
25’ long$4,050$4,410$4,960$5,530$5,980
30’ long$4,480$4,840$5,590$6,160$6,710
35’ long$4,875$5,335$6,185$6,755$7,305
40’ long
 12’ wide18’ wide20’ wide22’ wide24’ wide
20’ long$3,640$4,100$4,550$5,020$5,570
25’ long$4,250$4,610$5,160$5,730$6,280
30’ long$4,880$5,240$5,890$6,560$7,110
35’ long$5,375$5,835$6,485$7,255$7,905
40’ long
 12’ wide18’ wide20’ wide22’ wide24’ wide
20’ long$3,940$4,300$4,750$5,420$5,770
25’ long$4,550$4,910$5,460$6,230$6,580
30’ long$5,180$5,640$6,290$7,060$7,510
35’ long$5,775$6,235$6,985$7,855$8,305
40’ long$6,595$7,055$7,805$8,775$9,225

Open-Sided Metal Carport Prices

  • Regular Roof Option
  • Boxed-Eave Roof Option
  • Vertical Roof Option
 12’ wide18’ wide20’ wide22’ wide24’ wide
20’ long$1,295$1,395$1,695$1,895$1,995
25’ long$1,595$1,695$1,995$2,295$2,495
30’ long$1,795$1,895$2,395$2,695$2,995
35’ long$1,995$2,195$2,795$3,095$3,395
40’ long
 12’ wide18’ wide20’ wide22’ wide24’ wide
20’ long$1,395$1,595$1,795$1,995$2,295
25’ long$1,795$1,895$2,195$2,495$2,795
30’ long$2,195$2,295$2,695$3,095$3,395
35’ long$2,495$2,695$3,095$3,595$3,995
40’ long
 12’ wide18’ wide20’ wide22’ wide24’ wide
20’ long$1,695$1,795$2,395$2,395$2,495
25’ long$2,095$2,195$2,495$2,995$3,095
30’ long$2,495$2,695$3,095$3,595$3,795
35’ long$2,895$3,095$3,595$4,195$4,395
40’ long$3,395$3,595$4,095$4,795$4,995

Optional Features

Garage Doors

  • White
  • Colored
Uncertified (White)Certified (White)
6′ Wide x 6′ Tall$500$750
8′ Wide x 8′ Tall$600$800
9′ Wide x 8′ Tall$650$850
10′ Wide x 8′ Tall$700$950
10′ Wide x 10′ Tall$800$1,050
*12′ Wide x 12′ Tall$1,400$1,900
*14′ Wide x 14′ Tall$2,100$1,900
*16′ Wide x 8′ Tall$2,000$2,300
*16′ Wide x 16′ Tall$2,500$2,700
Uncertified (Colored)Certified (Colored)
6′ Wide x 6′ Tall$600$850
8′ Wide x 8′ Tall$700$900
9′ Wide x 7′ Tall$750$950
9′ Wide x 8′ Tall$750$950
10′ Wide x 8′ Tall$800$1,050
*12′ Wide x 12′ Tall$1,500$2,000
*14′ Wide x 14′ Tall$2,200
*16′ Wide x 8′ Tall$2,100
*16′ Wide x 16′ Tall$2,600

*Larger garage doors come with a chain hoist. For those without a chain hoist, one can be purchased for $325.

Opening sides

With Garage DoorWithout Garage Door
6′-10′ Wide$150$250
12′ Wide$200$300
14′ Wide$250$350
16′ Wide$300$400
18′ Wide$450
20′ Wide$500


30″ x 30$200
30″ x 36$225

Other options

36″ x 80″ Walk-In Doors$300
Colored Screws3% of the building’s retail cost
Double Bubble Insulation$1.50/sq. ft.
Woven R-17 Insulation$3.00/sq. ft.
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Your Zip Code helps us provide the exact price for your location as construction specs vary depending on code requirements for each state.

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