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Alan’s Factory Outlet is a family run business owned and operated by me, Alan Bernau Jr and my wife Julie for over 18 years and we’ll help you find the perfect garage for your needs.

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“Service was like nothing I’d ever experienced before! Thrilled with the storage building”

- Mike and Sharon - Marshall, Virginia

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Customize Metal Buildings Perfect for Your Needs

Metal garage buildings add valuable space for storage, workshop use, and more. They can be fantastic additions to any home or business. Alan's Factory Outlet offers a wide range of metal garages for sale online, and each comes with a one-year workmanship warranty from the date of installation. Shop our customizable metal garage kits to create an affordable garage tailored to your specific needs!

Our garage kits for sale are custom-built in the size, style, and color you want. We can customize metal garage buildings to accommodate specific storage needs, whether you need a structure with taller legs, larger garage doors, or thicker 12-gauge tubing (which has a 20 year rust-through warranty). Size customizations are particularly helpful for your garage purchase if you're planning to store items like RVs, boats, and other outsized equipment.

When your order metal garage kits from Alan's Factory Outlet, you get to pick from 13 different colors for the roof, sides, and trim. All of the 29-gauge metal sheeting has a baked enamel finish.

Our prefab garage kits come with three different roof styles: regular, boxed-eave, and vertical. A regular steel garage has a barn-shaped, rounded roof, and it also comes at the lowest price. Boxed-eave and vertical-style garages look nearly the same, but a vertical roof has metal sheeting that's oriented vertically, helping rain and snow to slide right off of your metal garage or shed. We recommend a vertical roof for your prefab metal garage if you live in a snowy climate or if you're ordering a steel building that's 41 feet long or larger, as we don't have single panels that long, meaning that we'll have to overlap two panels if they run horizontally. This can create a weak spot that's prone to leakage issues.

The Right Metal Garages at the Right Price

When you order from Alan's Factory Outlet, not only will you get a high-quality garage at an affordable price, but you can save on shipping and installation fees. Steel garages can be delivered and installed for free in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

When you buy one of our metal buildings online, your credit card will be charged a deposit of between 10% and 17% of your total purchase price. Once you take delivery of your new metal garage, you can pay us the remaining balance with a credit card or check, whichever is best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Metal Garage Buildings

What Is a Custom Garage?

A custom garage is a structure completely built to your specifications, from the size to the color to the placement of doors and windows. You can fully customize our garage buildings for sale to get a structure that you'll be proud to add to your property!

How Much Do Metal Garages Cost?

Prefab garage prices start at $5,210 but can vary widely depending on the size of the garage and what kinds of customization options you choose. If you're interested in getting a quote for your garage, just give us a call and we'd be glad to help.

Do You Need Planning Permission for a Steel Garage?

Often, you will need to get permission from your local planning department to add a steel garage to your property, but requirements are different in every municipality. Check with your local officials to see if you need a permit for metal garages near you.

Are Metal Garages Good?

Yes! Metal garages have a lot of different advantages. They are stronger and more durable than wood garages, and because of that durability, they resist water, fire, and pests. Since there are fewer parts to put together and you don't have to add a floor or a base if you don't want to, they are easier to install and cost less, too.

How Long Will a Metal Garage Last?

A metal garage has an average life expectancy of 20 to 30 years thanks to its durability and resistance to rot, termites, and fire damage. With good care and attention, your heavy-duty steel garage could last even longer than that.

How Can I Make My Metal Garage Look Good?

Choosing an appealing color and roof for your metal building can go a long way in adding to the curb appeal of your garage. You can also add attractive landscaping such as shrubs and flower boxes around your new garage.

Do Metal Garages Add Value to a Home?

Research shows that a house is more valuable with a garage, since parking spaces are in higher demand now than ever before. A garage or steel building can increase your home value by up to 13% when compared to similar homes without a garage.

What Is the Cheapest Garage to Build?

Metal garages are the most cost-effective to build, since they can be built on site and do not come with a floor.

Are Metal Garages Worth It?

Yes! Metal garages offer an affordable way to add a garage to your home that will last for decades to come. Steel garage buildings are the most long-lasting and durable option and can save you a considerable amount of money, too.

Is it Cheaper to Build a Garage or Buy a Kit?

Metal building kits are less expensive than a prefab garage because with a kit, you are doing the labor yourself. However, we do offer free installation of garage building kits, making either option a great deal.

What Is the Best Metal Garage Company?

Alan's Factory Outlet is one of the best metal garage companies you'll find! We offer great prices on high-quality metal garages for both residential and commercial properties, and all of our garages come with a variety of customization options to ensure that you're getting the metal garage of your dreams.