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Custom Portable Garages at Affordable Prices

If you need sturdy, reliable storage that is also versatile, consider a portable garage.It’s a quick and secure way to store your vehicle, tractor, lawn mower, or other valuable items. Portable garages also create shelter for your belongings, protecting them from snow, ice, and other elements that can cause damage.

Standard Features

Our portable metal garages include:

  • Vertical siding panels
  • Twenty-nine-gauge sheet metal roofing
  • Anchors (of cement and mobile homes)
  • Welded trusses
  • Braces (on every leg)
  • Fourteen-gauge framing
  • Variety of paint colors
  • Roll-up garage doors
  • Your choice of windows and walk-in doors


list of portable garage benefits

A portable garage is a convenient structure that’s sturdy enough to provide reliable storage space and flexible enough to be relocated as needed. Unlike site-built garages, you can install portable versions anywhere on your property. And should you decide to move, you can disassemble your portable garage and relocate it to your new residence.

Convenience is just one of many advantages to owning a portable garage. Here are a few more reasons to consider one for your property.

Easy Assembly

Portable garages are designed with the customer in mind, so you can skip the labor costs of a construction team. We provide assembly instructions with all our portable prefab garages if you prefer to build it yourself.

Protection of Valuables

With a portable garage, you’ll have instant security for your property to give you peace of mind. Instead of being out in the open, your vehicle, farm equipment, and motorcycles will be stored safely inside a protective structure. 

Portable garages also make your valuables less vulnerable to rodents, insects, and other pests that could damage your property.

Variety of Uses

Aside from sheltering vehicles and other items, there are also many convenient ways to use a portable garage. You can use it as a workshop to do repairs or for hobbies such as woodworking projects. You can also use it as storage space for items you plan to sell.

Affordable Storage Space

If you spend a lot of money renting a monthly storage unit, a portable garage could be a budget-friendly alternative. You’ll only pay once to have storage space for your valuables within reach instead of making payments for a rental unit month after month.

Enhanced Appearance of Your Property

Who says a storage structure has to be unattractive? We have a variety of color options and styles available for our garages. You can customize your garage to make it uniquely your own. Easily choose and design a portable garage to complement the look of your home, garden shed, or other buildings on your property.

How Much Does a Portable Garage Cost?

Most pop-up tent and fabric portable garages fall in the $270 to $500 price range, while custom-designed versions made of steel or other durable material will start around $3,000

Below are popular sizes and prices of our garages:


Check out our portable garage prices to get an estimate of how much your ideal structure would cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are portable garages worth it? 

A portable garage is a relatively inexpensive alternative to a garage. They can come in handy when you need an immediate garage or a temporary space to store things. Portable garages are also a good alternative if you can’t afford a more durable, long–term solution. 

A portable garage isn’t an ideal option, however, if you need a long-term storage solution or live in a region prone to natural disasters, such as hurricanes or tornadoes. 

How durable are portable garages?

While some portable garages, such as pop-up tents, have short life spans, prefabricated garage versions are designed to last. As steel structures, they have the ability to withstand inclement weather, fire, and other hazards.

What’s the best portable garage?

You’ll find that our metal portable garage kits are a much better choice than portable garages made of fabric. They’re more durable, offer better protection, and offer the same level of mobility and versatility as their fabric counterparts.

How do you secure a portable garage?

You can use anchors to secure a portable garage to a concrete or gravel foundation. Mobile home anchors are another option, which come with certified structures like our metal garages.  

Customize Your New Portable Garage

Here at Alan’s Factory Outlet, we have a large selection of garages for all your storage needs. Use our 3D design tool below to customize and order your garage in a few simple clicks. After completing your purchase, we’ll deliver and install it for free.*

*Delivery and installation only available in select states.

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