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Are you looking for a secure way to store your vehicle, tractor, lawn mower, or other valuable items? Perhaps you’d like to shelter your RV from the snow, ice, and other elements that can cause damage. If you need sturdy, reliable storage that’s also versatile, you may want to consider a portable garage.

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What Is a Portable Garage?

A portable garage is a movable structure that’s sturdy enough to provide reliable storage space but can be relocated as needed.

Is a Portable Garage Worth It?

A portable garage is a relatively inexpensive alternative to an expensive garage addition. A portable garage is ideal in these cases:

  • You need a temporary place to store stuff for a few months
  • You need a garage immediately
  • You can’t afford a more durable, long-term solution right now

A portable garage isn’t a good idea if:

  • You need a long-term storage solution
  • You live in an area with hurricanes or tornadoes
  • If you need to protect items from theft

If a portable garage isn’t right for you, our prefabricated metal garages are another affordable alternative to an expensive garage addition.

How Much Does a Portable Garage Cost?

Most portable garages fall in the $270 to $500 price range, but some are well over a thousand dollars. When you get into the more expensive options, a permanent metal carport is usually a better investment.

What Are the Benefits of a Portable Carport?

Solid Protection for Valuables

When you purchase a portable garage, you’re getting dependable security for your valuable property. Instead of being out in the open, your vehicle, farm equipment, motorcycles, or bicycles can be stored safely inside a protective structure. A movable garage can make your items less vulnerable to mice, raccoons, chewing insects, and other pests that could damage your property. When you order portable garage kits, you’ll be getting peace of mind about the safety of your valuables.

Wide Variety of Potential Uses

Portable garages for sale can be useful in a variety of ways. Of course, you can use one to shelter the family car, a tractor, a classic car, or a riding lawn mower. You could also get a movable garage to use as a workshop where you can do repairs on household items or woodworking projects. Or you can use it for storing items you plan to sell. Because you can move it from place to place, a portable garage can be much more than a spot to park your car.

Save Money on Storage Space

If you spend a lot of money renting a storage unit, you may want to think about one of our covered garages. Portable garages we sell provide first-rate protection for your items, and you won’t have to drive to a storage facility to get access to your valuables or keep paying for a storage unit month after month. Buy one of our garages, pay only once, and keep your items close at hand! Check out our portable garage prices to see how much you can save.

Enhance the Appearance of Your Property

Who says a storage structure has to be unattractive? At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we have a variety of color options and styles available for our garages. You can customize your garage to make it uniquely your own. This makes it easy to choose a portable garage in a shape and color that flows with the look of your home, garden shed, and any other buildings on your property. Check out our portable garage prices to get an estimate of how much your ideal structure would cost.

What’s the Best Portable Garage?

You’ll find that our metal portable garage kits are a much better choice than portable garages made of canvas. They’re more durable, offer more protection, and still have the same level of movability and versatility as their canvas counterparts.

At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we have a large selection of garages that can easily fulfill your storage needs, and we’re proud to offer free delivery and installation in many states. We invite you to contact us with questions about our covered garages. There’s no need to wonder where to buy a garage: Call now or place an order online for your own garage today!

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