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Metal vs. Wood Garage: Costs, Pros, and Cons

If you’re looking to build a garage, you’re probably wondering whether a wood garage or a metal garage is better for you. That depends.

Here is a list of pros and cons for both wood and metal garages.

  • Cost: Prefab metal garages often cost half or less than a comparable stick-built garage. If you need a low-cost solution, a metal garage is probably better for you.
  • Attached vs. Detached: Most metal garages are designed as freestanding outbuildings. If you need a garage that is attached to your house, a wood garage is probably better.
  • Installation Time: Prefab metal garages are manufactured in a factory, delivered, and can be installed on-site in less than a day. Stick-build wood garages take more time to build and may require more permits.
  • Insulation, Heating, and Cooling: Wood garages are somewhat easier to insulate, heat, and cool. However, there are also a number of options for insulating a metal building.
  • Environmental Considerations: Since prefabricated metal garages are made in a factory, almost no material is wasted in the construction process. On the other hand, there is a considerable amount of material wasted in the process of building a wood garage.
  • Condensation: In some climates, water sometimes condenses on the inside roof panels or walls of an uninsulated metal garage. Wood garages do not have this issue.
  • Termites and Rodents: Wood garages are susceptible to damage from termites, rodents, and other pests. Metal garages are termite-proof.
  • Fire Danger: Fire can damage both wood and metal garages, but metal garages are mostly fire-proof.
  • Rust and Rot: A properly-maintained metal garage can last well over 100 years without any problems with rust. But an unmaintained metal garage can rust. A wood garage may be susceptible to rot in a damp climate.
  • Aesthetics: Some people prefer the look of a wood garage.

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