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Concrete Pad Size Calculator

Thinking about a metal carport or garage for your property? Use this calculator to get an initial understanding of the concrete pad required for your building.

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Recommendation 13’ x 21’ Concrete pad for your 12’ x 20’ metal building
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Learn More About Concrete Pads for Metal Carports and Garages

Your concrete pad should be one foot wider and one foot longer than size of carport or metal building you are ordering.

The reason for the larger pad recommendation is because the engineers that designed the metal structures believe a 6″ curtain of concrete on every side is important to ensure proper anchoring and avoid potential concrete cracking at the perimeter.

We would encourage you to check with your local building codes to determine the pad size, pad thickness, footing requirements, and/or any other regulations you must adhere to. Local building codes will always supersede our recommendations.

Alan’s Factory Outlet can deliver and install a metal building after your concrete slab has been poured. We don’t pour concrete slabs, so you will need to hire a local concrete contractor or do it yourself.

Ledge Suggestions

You may want to slope or lower the six inch ledge around your building in order to prevent water from pooling next to the base rail. You can show the image below to your concrete contractor.

If you choose not to slope or lower the ledge, you can use a concrete sealant to seal the outside edge around your building. This will help prevent water from seeping under the edges of your building.

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