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Vertical Metal Carports

If you’re searching for a vertical metal carport for snow, rain, or other weather element protection, look no further than Alan’s Factory Outlet. We’re not just the nation’s best storage shed outlet: We also sell high-quality vertical metal carports at affordable prices! We also deliver and install vertical-style carports for free in 21 states, making these structures an even better value.

vertical metal carport

Design and Price Your Metal Carport

Design and Price Your Metal Carport Design and Price Now

Our vertical metal carports are built using an A-frame roof that’s engineered specifically for snow to slide right off. The roof sheeting is constructed in a vertical, up-and-down orientation, saving you time and effort: When you purchase a vertical-style carport, you won’t have to rake the roof. Also, with a vertical roof, the rain will run off of the sides instead of the front and back ends. This will help keep you dryer on rainy days as you enter or exit your car. Now is a great time to explore how a vertical carport could make your life easier!

vertical roof 3 car metal garage

Vertical carport fully enclosed and turned into a 3 car garage with garage doors on the side

A view of the interior of a vertical-style carport shows the cross braces that help to make the roof strong

Buy Vertical Carports for Easier Snow Removal

vertical roof rv metal carport

The only way for sheeting to be used on a vertical-style roof is for cross braces to be attached throughout. This not only makes snow removal easier but also makes the vertical carport the strongest style of all three carport styles available, another reason why we recommend it as the ideal choice on a carport for snow or rain protection. Of course, if you’re more interested in the most affordable style of carport, our regular-style carport will be your best bet. But no matter which roof style you choose, you can count on our carports and other metal buildings to be durable and dependable.

It’s important to note that while the roof sheeting is oriented vertically on vertical carports, this is not the case for the sides and ends. These are installed in a horizontal fashion, but for an additional cost, the sides and ends can be made vertical as well.

Order a Custom Vertical Carport Today!

If you have a design in mind and one of our standard carport models doesn’t quite fit, not to worry: You can also create a customized structure that matches up with your specifications using our 3D builder tool. You can purchase vertical-roof carports in a wide range of sizes and a variety of colors, and you can also partially or fully enclose sides to create just what you’re looking for. Since all of our vertical carports are custom-built, the sky is the limit! And whether you pick out one of our standard models or customize one, you’ll save money when you shop with Alan’s Factory Outlet.

Design and Price Your Metal Carport

Design and Price Your Metal Carport Design and Price Now
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