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Metal Carport Prices and Sizes [from $1,295 Installed]

Our carport cost calculator gives an exact price for a metal carport installed. Just select your size and options to get instant prices for your location.

Price Your Metal Carport

Price Your Metal Carport Go to Cost Calculator

The cost of a carport vs. a garage is significantly lower, and a sturdy metal carport can offer similar protection for cars, trucks, RVs, or farm equipment that can’t fit in a standard shed. At Alan’s Factory Outlet, our metal carport prices will ensure that you get a durable structure at a low cost. Customize yours today to get the best price on a carport that’s perfect for your needs!

How Much Does a Carport Cost?

In most states, the cost of a standard-sized metal carport will range from $1,295 to $4,995, depending on the specific size and style of carport you choose. These carport prices apply in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia. Metal carport prices are subject to change without notice due to factors out of our control, but we pride ourselves on offering the most affordable carports around.

metal carport 12x20 regular style with car parked

12′ to 24′ Metal Carports: Single- and Double-Wide Prices and Sizes

Use this chart to get an estimate of custom metal carports prices and sizes near you:

Metal Carport Prices and Sizes

  • Regular Style
  • Boxed Eave Style
  • Vertical Roof Style
 12’ wide18’ wide20’ wide22’ wide24’ wide
20’ long$1,295$1,395$1,695$1,895$1,995
25’ long$1,595$1,695$1,995$2,295$2,495
30’ long$1,795$1,895$2,395$2,695$2,995
35’ long$1,995$2,195$2,795$3,095$3,395
40’ long
 12’ wide18’ wide20’ wide22’ wide24’ wide
20’ long$1,395$1,595$1,795$1,995$2,295
25’ long$1,795$1,895$2,195$2,495$2,795
30’ long$2,195$2,295$2,695$3,095$3,395
35’ long$2,495$2,695$3,095$3,595$3,995
40’ long
 12’ wide18’ wide20’ wide22’ wide24’ wide
20’ long$1,695$1,795$2,395$2,395$2,495
25’ long$2,095$2,195$2,495$2,995$3,095
30’ long$2,495$2,695$3,095$3,595$3,795
35’ long$2,895$3,095$3,595$4,195$4,395
40’ long$3,395$3,595$4,095$4,795$4,995

Please see a complete list of options, accessories and pricing in the attached PDF
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*Prices subject to change without notice

26′ to 30′ Triple-Wide Carport Prices

Triple Wide Metal Carport Prices for AL, AR, GA, IN, KY, KS, LA, MD, MO, MS, NC, OH, OK, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, WV.
5′ On Center 150 mph and 35psf

  • Regular Roof Style
  • Boxed Eave Style
  • Vertical Roof Style
 26’ wide28’ wide30’ wide
20’ long$2,795$2,895$2,995
25’ long$3,395$3,595$3,695
30’ long$4,095$4,295$4,495
35’ long$4,795$4,995$5,195
40’ long
 26’ wide28’ wide30’ wide
20’ long$2,895$2,995$3,095
25’ long$3,595$3,695$3,895
30’ long$4,295$4,495$4,695
35’ long$4,995$5,195$5,495
40’ long
 26’ wide28’ wide30’ wide
20’ long$3,195$3,395$3,495
25’ long$3,995$4,195$4,295
30’ long$4,895$4,995$5,195
35’ long$5,695$5,895$6,095
40’ long$6,495$6,695$6,995

Please see a complete list of options, accessories and pricing in the attached PDFDownload PDF

32′ to 60′ Wide Metal Carports Prices


Steel Carports : Prices and Sizes for 8-Foot Legs Roof Only. Additional cost to fully enclose and add garage doors, walk in doors and windows.

  • Vertical Style
40’ wide50’ wide60’ wide
20’ long$8,795$11,495$14,995
24’ long$9,995$12,795$16,295
28’ long$11,295$14,195$17,595
32’ long$12,495$15,495$18,995
36’ long$13,795$16,795$20,295
40’ long$15,095$18,095$21,595
44’ long$16,295$19,395$22,895
48’ long$17,595$20,795$24,195
52’ long$18,795$22,095$25,595
80’ long$30,190$36,190$43,190
100’ long$42,890$49,790
120’ long$73,180
200’ long$99,580
300’ long$149,370

Download PDF
Please see a complete list of options, accessories and pricing in the attached PDF

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Where Are Local Carport Prices Different?

The cost to build a carport will be different if you live in Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, or Pennsylvania. This is due to differences in building standards: Affordable carports must be built to withstand different weather conditions depending on the location. For instance, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, and Pennsylvania carport prices are a bit higher because carports in these states must be fully braced with the tubing 4 feet on center, which requires additional labor and materials; cheap metal carports just won’t stand up to the harsh winter weather in these states. Florida carport prices are also a bit higher due to unique local building requirements.

Carport Installation Cost: How Much Does it Cost to Install a Metal Carport?

Carport installation is free in 21 states! Free delivery and installation on your level land is included in the carport cost

We’ll deliver your steel RV carport and install it for free in 21 states:

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