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20×30 Metal Building/Shop/Shed for Sale

Our 20×30 metal buildings make great shops and storage sheds. Our prefab steel building kits are installed for free for your convenience.

Use our metal building cost calculator to get an exact price. Cost estimates for a concrete slab are below.


20×30 Concrete Slab Cost

A 20×30 concrete slab is 600 square feet. The price of concrete work varies depending on the local cost of labor. Using an average cost of $8 per square feet gives an approximate cost of $4,800. We don’t do concrete work ourselves, so you’ll need to hire a local contractor to pour your foundation. You can use our concrete pad size calculator to determine the right size of concrete slab for a metal building ordered from Alan’s Factory Outlet.

Design and Price Your Metal Building

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Metal Building Uses

A 20 x 30 metal building from Alan’s Factory Outlet can serve many purposes. It can shelter your cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs or other vehicles. Or, you can use it to store furniture, mattresses, books, containers of old clothing and other items you want to move out of the house. In addition to serving as storage, a 20 x 30 metal building from our online selection can be the perfect space for a start-up business. Look at a few examples.

A Bicycle Repair Shop

If you’re a bicycle enthusiast, a 20×30 steel building would provide more than enough space to start a repair shop. A workbench, tool chest and supply cabinets would fit perfectly onto one side of your building. You could set aside another area of the building for a row of bike stands containing all the bicycles in need of repair. The remaining space could be used for spare parts, deliveries of new parts and discarded tires. With a building of this size, you’d have lots of empty space to test out the newly repaired bicycles.

A Furniture Restoration Business

A 20×30 steel building for sale in our inventory would be an ideal setting for a furniture restoration business. You’d have lots of space for the antique tables, sofas, chairs, love seats and bureaus in need of cleaning or repair. Your metal building would have a concrete pad beneath it which means your valuable furniture items would sit on dry, solid ground. Getting a metal or steel building with these dimensions would leave your furniture restoration business with plenty of room to grow.

A Repair Shop for Small Appliances and More

Do you like fixing toasters, radios, sewing machines and other household items? If so, your 20 x 30 metal building from Alan’s Factory Outlet could be the space you’re looking for to start your business. You could build some shelves to hold the appliances and other items that need repair. Or, you could purchase some sturdy utility shelves to accommodate the items customers bring in. Your building would supply you with ample space for a workbench, tool cabinets, a counter, desk and more.

A Workshop for DIY Projects

When you order a 20×30 steel building from our store you may plan to use it for multiple purposes. Perhaps you’re looking for a place where you can unload your tools, put up a pegboard and dive into some interesting DIY projects. Apart from your workshop, you utilize another section of the building to store items you plan to donate to a local charity. Another section is used to store items you want to sell in your next yard sale. Chances are, the purposes served by your metal building will change over the years. If you don’t need quite this much space for your personal workshop, you may want to consider our selection of vinyl sheds.

When you buy a 20×30 steel building from Alan’s Factory Outlet you’re getting a sturdy, well-built structure to use in any way you want. We offer free delivery and set up in many states. Plus, you can customize the appearance of your building to satisfy your vision for your property. Call now and let us help you choose a 20 x 30 metal building that works for you!

Design and Price Your Metal Building

Design and Price Your Metal Building Go to Cost Calculator
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