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Our custom prefab metal shed kits are ideal for people who want an affordable, custom shed but don’t want the hassle of setting up the kit by themselves. Use our online design tool to design a durable steel shed and get instant pricing. Our smallest shed is 12×20, but we can make your shed smaller at no additional cost.


Should You Buy an Aluminum Storage Building?

Aluminum sheds are a good option to expand the storage on your property. If you have a small house or no garage, a storage shed can provide additional storage for the items that you would normally keep in your home. Storage sheds are also a good option for gardening tools. If you have a large property, an aluminum storage shed could still be a good idea; for instance, you could use it as a small metal tool shed to move gardening supplies closer to your garden than they would be in your garage.

The structural applications of aluminum are growing. Aluminum is being used in buildings throughout the world; in fact, aluminum storage sheds are only one of the many products that builders create with aluminum. By choosing the best materials for your shed, you can ensure that it lasts longer and won’t require excessive costs to maintain. But not all aluminum shed kits are the same; you’ll want to look for a product that adds value to your property over time by being functional as well as attractive. Whether your sheet metal shed will serve as a storage shed, a garage, or a garden shed, you can customize your structure to match the look of your home.

When Should You Consider Other Types of Metal Storage Sheds?

While aluminum storage sheds can provide shelter, the material is not as strong as steel. Beyond aluminum storage sheds, metal buildings made of steel from Alan’s Factory Outlet come in a variety of styles, with the option to customize many features. If you are facing long winters where snow builds up on the roof, you may want to choose a steel building with a vertical-style roof from our collection of steel shed kits instead. Aluminum kits are more well-suited to areas of the country that don’t have a lot of snowfall.

How Do You Choose the Right Metal Shed Kits for Your Property?

Aluminum kits come in a variety of designs so that you can find the right size for your property. Most customers would agree that buying prefab aluminum buildings is much easier than building a shed from scratch at home.

When you are selecting the aluminum storage building that you want, it is important to know how you want to organize your shed. You can then determine the right size of shed to purchase. What do you want to keep in outdoor metal sheds? You may want to order a bit more space than what you think you need to allow yourself room to grow. Also, remember to consider the amount of space that you have available for your metal shed.

How Can You Customize Metal Sheds for Sale at Alan’s Factory Outlet?

At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we have a wide range of metal storage sheds for sale, and you can customize many of their features. For our metal buildings, you can choose from 16 different colors for the roof and trim as well as custom options for the windows and doors. In addition, our buildings come with three different roof options. The opportunity to customize so much of your metal outdoor storage shed means that you can fit the addition more easily into the overall scheme of your home and property.

Prices vary according to the size, style, and your location, but for any purchase you are guaranteed the trusted quality and great prices of Alan’s Factory Outlet.

What if You Don’t Want Aluminum Outdoor Storage Sheds?

If you don’t want an aluminum shed, we offer steel storage sheds. Don’t think metal storage building kits are for you? Storage unit kits and prefab structures are easy to match to your preferences with the many options at Alan’s Factory Outlet!

Find These Metal Storage Buildings Near You

Alan’s Factory Outlet is a locally owned company based in Virginia, but we deliver our metal sheds to more than half of the United States. We can bring metal storage shed kits to your property as far west as Texas as well as all along the East Coast and through the South.

Need Help Choosing Small Metal Storage Sheds?

If you have a question about the size or style of a shed or you are ready to place an order, please contact us by using our contact form or calling 1-800-488-6903. We are more than happy to answer any questions to help you find the best building for your needs. For more than a decade, our employees have been dedicated to helping clients find the best metal sheds for their needs. Let us help you today!

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