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A homeowner may want to consider a modular 3-car garage for a number of reasons. For many people, a need for more storage space leads to the search for a new garage, whether it’s needed to store more vehicles or other things you need to keep safe. When additional space is needed, a single or even two-car garage may not be enough, and in these cases, our three-car garage size might be the perfect solution. With the purchase of the right 3-bay garage from Alan’s Factory Outlet, you can get the space you need in a safe, detached 3-stall structure that’s attractive and affordable.

We offer an array of prefab 3-car garage styles, all of which come with free installation to help keep your cost low. As you browse our products, you’ll find that we pride ourselves on offering only the highest-quality 3-car garage kits for sale. When you choose a 3-car garage from Alan’s Factory Outlet, you won’t be sacrificing durability for a low price!

What Is a 3-Bay Garage?

A 3-bay garage is a larger building with room to store three vehicles. The garage can contain three ports or three finished doors, depending on the style and design laid out in your 3-car garage plans. The addition of doors affects the overall 3-stall garage cost, but it’s a given that the size of this garage can fit three vehicles no matter how many doors are added.

Considering 3-Car Garages’ Prices: What Does a 3-Car Garage Cost?

Custom features like vertical siding, shown on this red and beige garage that houses two cars, a truck, and two motorcycles, will increase 3-car garages’ prices

How much is a 3-car garage? The cost of a 3-car detached garage can vary widely, starting at $12,050 for a basic 40×20 prefab 3-car garage and ranging as high as $42,570 for a 60×52 structure that’s 20 feet tall. When asking, “How much would a 3-car garage cost?” you will have to have an idea of the size you’re looking for to get an accurate estimate. Added features like walk-in doors, windows, or insulation will also increase the cost of a 3-car garage for sale. But shipping and setup won’t factor into your 3-bay garage price: Each of our metal buildings comes with free delivery and installation in the 21 states where they are sold.

What Is a Good Size for a 3-Car Garage?

At a minimum, when building a 3-car garage, we recommend that it be at least 40 feet wide to house three vehicles. A detached 3-car garage can be as small as 40×20 or as large as 60×300. The best 3-stall garage dimensions for you will depend on how you plan to use your garage and the size of the vehicles you plan to store in it: Everyone has their own perfect 3-car garage size.

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How Big Is a 3-Car Garage?

This beige-and-green, 50-by-80 building shows how big a 3-car garage can be-1

Our oversized 3-car garage dimensions are available in 40-foot-wide, 50-foot-wide, and 60-foot-wide options. The 3-car garage size ranges in each category are:

  • 40×20 to 40×80
  • 50×20 to 50×100
  • 60×20 to 60×300

3-Car Detached Garage Customization Options

When choosing a 3-car detached garage, you can customize it to meet your needs by determining the desired height, width, and length, but that’s only the beginning. Apart from a selection of 3-car garage styles, you’ll also have the ability to choose from a variety of metal garage colors for the roof, trim, sides, and doors. While color may not initially seem like the most important consideration when choosing your new 3-car detached garage, it can positively or negatively impact the appearance of your property.

You’ll also have several other design options. For example, the doors of the garage may be located on the end or on the side of the structure. You can also choose a 3-car garage kit with windows and walk-in doors. And 12-gauge tubing is available to add sturdiness to our three-car metal garages. This tubing comes with a rust-proof warranty that’s effective for 20 years.

3 car metal garage

Choose the Right 3-Car Garage for You

When choosing a three-car garage, one of the most important considerations is the garage’s use. Traditionally, garages are used to provide shelter for a car or truck, but they’re also often used to house other types of vehicles, such as boats, bicycles, RVs, and farm equipment. Three-car garages may also be useful for storing lawnmowers, tools, and other items that would otherwise be left outdoors or that are unable to fit in a basement or attic. Knowing what you plan to store can help you decide on the most suitable 3-car garage dimensions, though of course, it’s also important to keep in mind the amount of available space on your property.

At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we work hard to offer the best 3-car garage prices. Your cost will be influenced by factors such as the size, style, materials, and optional features that you choose, but we aim to keep the 3-bay garage price as low as we possibly can. That’s just part of our devotion to top-notch customer service.

Ready to buy your new three-car garage? Place your order online today, or call our toll-free number and let our customer service staff assist you.

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