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Our interactive 3D metal building components diagram helps you visualize and understand all of the components of a metal building.

Components of a Metal Building

The base rail is square tubing at the base of the building. The legs attach to sleeves in the base rail. The base rail is available in 2 ½” square 14-gauage tubing or 2 ¼” square 12-gauge tubing. The optional 12-gauge tubing upgrade comes with a 20-year rust-through warranty.

A boxed-eave roof is an A-frame style roof with vertical panels that run from the front of the building to the back.

A regular-style roof is curved at the edges, and is a common roof style for carports.

The roof bow is square tubing bent to the shape of the roof. The bows are connected to the building’s legs and hold the panels on the roof.

Steel braces are attached from the leg to the roof bow and at center of the roof to provide stability.

A concrete foundation provides a solid base for a metal building to be attached to.

Corner trim is a section of metal trim used to neatly finish the exterior corners of a structure.

Double bubble insulation helps prevent condensation on the inside of the building.

The hat channel is a horizontal metal beam that runs the length of the building to provide the ability to attach sheet metal for a vertical roof. This additional material on the vertical roof metal carport or metal garage, help make it the strongest of the three roof styles available.

J-trim is a J-shaped piece of trim that is put along the bottom exposed edge of sheet metal. This optional trim gives a finished look, while providing safety from the sharp edge.

Legs are made from square tubing that attaches to the sleeves welded to the base rail, to determine the height of the building. Available in 2 ½” square 14-gauge tubing or optional 2 ¼” square 12-gauge tubing. The optional 12-gauge tubing upgrade comes with a 20-year rust-through warranty.

L-trim is a metal trim used as decorative finish on the panels of regular style carports to provide a finished look. This is also used to give a finished appearance on any optional windows or doors.

Roll-up garage doors provide access for vehicles to enter and exit a metal building.

The roof is made from 3’ wide 29-gauge galvanized sheet metal horizontal or vertical depending on the style carport or garage. Regular and boxed-eave roof styles have roof panels that run horizontally (front to back). The vertical roof style has roof panels that run vertically (up and down). In Florida the roof sheeting is 26 gauge.

Side panels are made from 3’ wide 29-gauge metal sheeting to enclose sides or ends of the building. In Florida we use 26-gauge metal sheeting.

Steel sheeting is used for the side panels and the roof panels of a metal building.

A vertical-style roof is an A-frame roof with panels that run vertically from the peak of the roof to the bottom edges, which allows rain, snow, and leaves to slide off the roof.

Vertical trim is a special made trim used to finish vertical style metal buildings.

Vertical deluxe is an option where the bottom 3’ section of the building’s walls can be a different color from the remaining portion of the walls.

Walk-in doors allow people to enter and exit the building.

Windows are available in sizes of 30″ x 30″ or 30″ x 36″.

Woven R17 insulation helps prevent condensation on the inside of the building and helps regulate the temperature inside the building.

Z-trim is a special Z-shaped strip of metal trim used to separate side colors when you add the optional vertical deluxe style to your metal building.

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