Pre-assembled Garages and Sheds

Outdoor storage sheds and standalone garages are an ideal way of adding additional space to either commercial or residential properties. At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we help our customers do just that by offering pre-assembled storage sheds and garages. Our pre-assembled garages and sheds are ideal for people who want their sheds quickly and with minimal effort. We have a number of different styles and options to choose from to ensure that you’ll find the right unit for your needs. Additionally, because many of our features are customizable, consumers can tailor their unit to complement their homes or the surrounding buildings and structures.

12x20 metal shed garage

When looking for pre-assembled storage sheds our customers are often pleased at the selection that we have to offer. When viewing the sheds for sale, customers will find that they have the option of wood or vinyl. While they are both manufactured to be of the highest quality, the construction materials each have their pros and cons. In terms of price, for example, our wood sheds are initially less expensive. Although it is more costly to buy vinyl, it saves money over the long run, as vinyl sheds do not require painting, while wood sheds must typically be re-painted roughly every ten years. Our prefab sheds are also available in different styles and sizes to fit the appearance of surrounding structures. For customers who need more space, there are also two-story options available. Colors, placement of doors and windows are all features that may be customized on either type of shed. Consumers who purchase vinyl sheds or garages also have the choice of metal or shingle roofs.

Like with our sheds, consumers who are interested in buying a pre-assembled garage also have options. Our garages are available in wood or vinyl, which come in single or double garages. Metal garages are available in sizes large enough to accommodate three cars. Consumers will even find that we offer two-story garages as well and the option of an upgrade to a 40 year metal roof on either the vinyl or the wood garages. Pre-assembled garages are available in several different frames and roof styles, such as A-frame or barn garages. In addition to wood and vinyl, we also offer metal car garages. Our metal garages are available with either regular, boxed eave or vertical roofs.

With either a garage or shed, people are getting high quality structures that can serve a variety of purposes. Most often, a pre-assembled garage is used for housing additional vehicles from cars to RVs to boats. Garages are also ideal for storage of farming and yard equipment and tools. When well-organized it can also serve as a place to store excess or rarely used items from around one’s home or business. Storage sheds are typically used for storage purposes as well, and are highly effective at keeping items secure and safe from the elements, pests and thieves. For some, outdoor storage sheds may be converted into office space, gardening sheds, or used for any number of purposes. Prefab garages and sheds are also ideal because they can be transported from one location to another in the event that a customer relocates.

Pre-assembled garages and sheds are the perfect solution for storage and space issues. They are not only useful, but they are also attractive additions to one’s property. When choosing a shed or garage, people should consider its intended purpose and their available space. After deciding on the desired structure, ordering is simple and can be done online or by calling our toll-free number. When the order is ready we’ll not only deliver it, but we will also install it as well.