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Metal RV Carports for Campers and Motorhomes

A metal RV carport from Alan’s Factory Outlet is easy to set up and protects your vehicle from damage caused by harsh weather conditions with sturdy covered RV storage. Many of our RV carports for sale have a roof with one or two walls to form an effective RV canopy/cover. The differences in design depend on the specific model, but no matter how you customize yours, our metal RV covers for sale can add something unique to your property. And when you purchase our steel RV carports, they’ll be delivered and installed for free.

An RV carport with a vertical-style roof, an optional 3-foot panel on both sides, and an enclosed back end protects this mobile home. We strongly recommend a vertical-style roof for any RV shelter that is 41 feet long or longer.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an RV Carport?

Metal RV storage buildings in our inventory start between $1,794 and $9,234, depending on the size of the metal RV garage and its roof style. We carry metal RV carports as large as 24 by 41 feet and 16 feet high, and we can customize one that’s even larger if you’d like, so you’ll have plenty of space for your metal camper or RV.

Price and Design Your RV Carport

Price and Design Your RV Carport Customize Now

Starting Prices for Camper Covers With Six-Foot Legs and a Regular-Style Roof

12 x 20$1,794
12 x 25$2,154
12 x 30$2,634
18 x 20$2,274
18 x 25$2,754
18 x 30$3,234
20 x 20$2,514
20 x 25$2,994
20 x 30$3,474
24 x 20$2,994
24 x25$3,474
24 x 30$3,954

Taller legs carry an additional cost, and metal RV garage prices are subject to change without notice.

Choosing the Right Carport for Your Vehicle

At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we have RV shelters for sale made with sturdy metal sheets that wrap around the support structure to create a roof and two partial sides or a roof and one full side. RV carport covers that are partially enclosed provide good ventilation while still protecting your property. Another benefit of our partially enclosed camper covers is that you’ll have easy access to your vehicle to clean it, load it, or just climb in for a quick inspection. But if you prefer, we also have affordable RV and camper storage that’s entirely enclosed.

rv shelter regular metal rv carport

This RV shelter with a regular-style roof is shown with 4-foot braces

When you order one of our metal RV covers, you get a choice of three roof styles: regular, boxed eave, or vertical. There is an advantage to choosing a vertical roof for metal RV carports: This type of roof doesn’t experience snow buildup. Because of the roof’s vertical sheeting, the snow slides off the side before it can accumulate. The regular and boxed-eave styles have sheeting that runs horizontally across the length of the RV metal building.

motorhome carport for sale

Why do our customers need motor home covers? Metal RV covers prevent the snow, rain, and hail from causing rust and otherwise damaging your RV. Metal carports are stronger and offer more protection than a cloth tarpaulin: Cloth can cave in and tear, leaving your RV vulnerable to the elements. And you don’t even need to own an RV to benefit from a camper shed. For RV owners, they offer protection for a costly vehicle, but if you’re not an RV owner, portable RV carports can also serve as year-round metal car covers for any type of vehicle, including your car, truck, motorcycle, or ATV. And once your carport is set up, it requires no additional maintenance.

rv covers

This 12-foot-wide, 36-foot-long, 12-foot-high regular-style RV carport has one extra 3-foot-wide panel on both sides.

Alan’s Factory Outlet has a wide selection of metal RV covers available to buy online 24/7, and we can also customize RV carport kits to suit your needs. And we’ll deliver your steel RV carport and install it for free in many states, so there’s no need to search for “covered RV storage near me.” Order camper covers from us and you’ll see how simple and affordable it can be to protect your RV or camper!

States With Free Covered RV Storage Delivery

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia

metal rv carports

A regular-style metal RV carport, 12 feet wide by 36 feet long by 12 feet tall, is shown with one side closed and 4-foot braces.

Carport Features

We know that RVs come in all shapes and sizes, and that makes it all the more important to choose the right metal RV covers. We are proud to provide a selection of covers and garages in a variety of sizes as well as more than a dozen color choices for the RV metal roof and trim. We want you to purchase an RV carport with storage that meets all of your expectations!

How do you know that you can feel confident about the quality of our RV carports?

  • We anchor your metal RV cover to the ground, asphalt, or concrete at no charge.
  • There’s a 20-year rust-through warranty on the metal framing on these RV garages for either the 14-gauge tubing or optional 12-gauge tubing.
  • Optional mobile home anchors can help create certified metal carports for campers rated for 140 mph wind and 30 psf.
  • Each steel carport comes with a one-year workmanship warranty from the date of installation.

rv fully enclosed carport motorhome metal garage

This 18-foot-wide by 36-foot-long by 12-foot-tall RV garage has a regular-style roof and is fully enclosed.

With these covered RV storage buildings, our customers get peace of mind knowing that their valuable assets are being well-protected.

After placing your order for an RV garage kit, the approximate installation time for any of our RV ports varies from state to state. Please call for the exact delivery time for your location.

Metal Carport Headroom, Center Clearance, and Top Peak Clearance

Example 1: Regular-Roof Carport

Let’s say you are considering buying a regular carport online to house your RV that is 12′ wide and 36′ long with legs that stand 12′ tall. This regular-style standing car cover will have legs that are 12′ at the bottom of the bend. As you move toward the center of the premade carport, the height clearance will increase. At about 6″ from the side, the port is 1′ taller, making the clearance 13′. All regular-style carports are like this. At the center of the carport, the peak headroom clearance on these 12′-leg and 12′-wide carports are 14′ 3″, 2′ 3″ more than the leg height ordered. It is important to remember that this isn’t the headroom of the carport but the clearance above the braces and the trusses.

Regular Roof System Center Brace Clearance & Peak Height

WidthCenter Brace ClearancePeak Height
12′2′ 3″2′ 9″
18′2′ 9″3′ 3″
20′2′ 8″3′ 4″
22′2′ 8″3′ 6″
24′3′ 1″3′ 11″
26′2′ 5″4′ 6″
28′2′ 4″4′ 6″
30′2′ 4″4′ 9″

Example 2: Boxed-Eave or Vertical Roof

The boxed-eave and vertical-style carports both have A-frame gable roofs, and both styles feature the same headroom clearance. The styles do differ in other ways; the vertical-style carport roof has sheeting that goes up and down while the boxed-eave style has sheeting that runs the length of the carport. Vertical roof styles have the advantage of having rain and snow slide off them easily. So let’s say you are looking to buy a 12’x36′ boxed-eave or vertical-roof carport with 12′ legs to store your RV. With the 12′ legs, the headroom clearance in the middle of the carport is 1’7″ taller, for a total height of 13’7″. The top peak at the top of the truss is also 2’2″ taller, for a total height of 14’2″.

Boxed-Eave and Vertical Roof System Center Brace Clearance and Peak Height

WidthCenter Brace ClearancePeak Height
12′1′ 7″2′ 2″
18′2′ 8″3′ 2″
20′2′ 6″3′ 4″
22′2′ 5″3′ 6″
24′2′ 7″3′ 8″
26′1′ 3″3′ 9″
28′1′ 2″3′ 11″
30′1′ 2″4′

RV Carport FAQs

What Is the Size of an RV Garage?

Each RV building for sale can range in size from 12 by 21 to 24 by 41 feet. The right choice for you will depend on the dimensions of your RV. We highly recommended measuring your RV and planning out the space on your property before purchasing a carport.

How Big Should an RV Garage Be?

RV trailer covers usually need to have at least 14 feet of clearance and should be 12 to 16 feet long. Our smallest available size is a 12-by-21-foot model. Consider what type of RV you have before buying.

How Are RV Covers Measured?

To figure out the best RV covers for your needs, start by measuring the RV itself. Measuring height is self-explanatory, from ground to roof. Measure the length from the trailer box, excluding the tongue, to the rear, including any ladders or spare tires attached to the back.

Should You Cover Your RV With a Tarp?

RVs should always be covered in the off season to protect them from the elements and prolong the life of your vehicle, but a tarp will often not provide adequate protection, as tarps tend to be unstable and can shift or tear. However, if you buy a carport for your RV, you don’t have to worry about these problems.

What Is the Best RV Cover for Winter?

A carport or garage will be the most reliable type of cover for an RV during the off season. It will protect your vehicle from wind, rain, snow, and sun. A solid metal covering will keep heavy snow piles off of the roof of the RV as well as fallen branches, and it will prevent rusting from rain.

Do I Need a Permit for Covered RV Storage Shelters?

This depends on the local laws where you live. Every area has different laws, so it’s definitely important to check the rules in your location. Your local municipal offices should be able to provide this information for you.

What Does it Cost to Build a Metal Garage?

If you upgrade your covered RV storage to a fully enclosed structure, you can expect to pay from $2,955 to $7,725 or more depending on the size of the structure. Like with our carports, delivery and setup are included in the cost.

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