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Metal Carports in WV

To shelter your vehicles and other possessions that you store outdoors from the damaging effects of the elements, the best inexpensive solution is to order a quality metal carport. Alan’s Factory Outlet, in turn, is the best place online to find the metal carports that you need if you live in West Virginia. No matter where you live in the state, we have the greatest selection of sturdy carports that will keep your vehicles and other belongings safe and dry. Our steel buildings and metal carports give your car, truck, boat, RV, farm equipment, and other valuables the perfect protection from the rain, hail, ice, snow, wind, and sun.

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Metal Carports West Virginia Prices

As we have noted, protecting your vehicles and other possessions from the elements is the primary reason why anyone would buy one of our carports. West Virginia residents, therefore, do not often think about the other things that they can do with one of our carport structures. Yet there are many other uses that you can enjoy with one of our metal carports. West Virginia parents, for example, are often glad to have a carport on the hottest days of the year. After all, people can get the benefits of a carport’s shade just as well as their vehicles can. So the kids can find a place to get out of the sun under a carport, or parents can sit there in the shade while they watch their kids play out in the sun.

Many people think of only the one-car storage option of traditional carports. West Virginia shoppers should understand, however, that carports can hold more than just one car or other vehicle. In fact, our carports and garages are available in many different sizes and styles, with many different heights to meet your needs. And because of our convenient shipping options, you get an approximate time for delivery and setup on the metal carports in West Virginia of 6– 8 weeks when you order products from us.

Alan’s Factory Outlet steel carports in WV are available in several different sizes, starting in a single carport or single garage at 12×21, with other widths of 18’, 20’, 22’ and 24’ also available in our catalog. The next longer lengths after 21’ are 26’, 31’, 36’, and 41’, and we can even make the metal carports and metal garages longer in 5’ increments to the length that best suits you. So, no matter how long your vehicle happens to be, you will be able to find what you need in our inventory, or you can custom order the right size for your property.

Looking for a metal building wider than 24’? We’ve got you covered there also with our triple wide carports, which come in 26’, 28’, and 30’ wide.

The newest-style metal carport we have is the metal barn lean-to carport, which comes in widths of 36’, 42’, 44’, 46,’ and 48’, with lengths starting at 21’ long and available in 5’ increments longer to the size you need.

**Free Delivery and Setup in West Virginia on all Metal Carports and Metal Garages**

**As With Our Carports, You Get Free Delivery and Setup in West Virginia on all Metal Garages and Metal Lean-To Barn Buildings**

Metal carports and garages come in three different styles:


Finally, a frequently asked question about carports: West Virginia r esidents often want to know the difference between the boxed-eave and the vertical roof style? On the boxed-eave roof, the sheeting on the roof goes lengthwise, and on the vertical, the sheeting is side to side or, you could say, up and down, which helps snow slide off of your roof.