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Adding a Garage to a Mobile Home

Some people mistakenly think that if they live in a mobile home, they can’t have a garage or a carport. The truth is that not only is it possible, but mobile home owners have options! Mobile home garage kits and prefab structures from Alan’s Factory Outlet provide everything you need to add storage to your property and protection for your vehicles. Explore our affordable custom garages and carports to find the perfect fit for you!

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Why Do You Need a Garage Addition for a Mobile Home?

There are some great benefits to adding a metal garage or carport to your mobile home.

  • Keep your car safe from weather-related damage
  • Provide some security against theft and vandalism.
  • Shelter your vehicle from falling tree branches and other debris.
  • Add some more storage space to your property.
  • Eliminate the need to scrape snow and ice from your car.
  • Keep your vehicle’s exterior in top condition.

Options for a Mobile Home Garage Add-On

There are three options for a garage addition to a mobile home:

  • Attached Garage: A garage joined to the home by a roof and/or a shared wall
  • Detached Garage: A freestanding structure that is placed separate from the home
  • Carport: A simple structure with a roof that is not fully enclosed. Carports have no walls by default, but they can be partially enclosed. A carport can be attached to or detached from a home.

Should You Choose an Attached or Detached Mobile Home Garage Addition?

In general, it’s easier to add a detached garage because you may need to comply with more regulations to add an attached structure. In particular, if you live in a trailer park with rules governing the use of your yard and mobile home, you’ll need to make sure you’re allowed to alter the mobile home with an attached addition. You’ll also need to make sure the attached garage won’t block one of the required exits. And you’ll need to create a separate foundation for your attached garage to ensure that the garage’s weight is properly supported without putting a strain on the mobile home’s structure. A detached garage, on the other hand, can be placed on a gravel or cement pad or anchored directly to the ground.

How to Buy a Mobile Home Garage

When you buy a custom mobile home garage from Alan’s Factory Outlet, you’ll need to make a few decisions:

  • How big do you want your new metal garage to be? Consider the size of your vehicle as well as the size of your available yard space. Our stock garage sizes start at 12 feet by 20 feet, but we’re always happy to customize our metal buildings in any size you choose.
  • What roof style do you like? Our garages and carports come with regular, boxed-eave, and vertical-style roofs. A vertical-style roof is a smart choice in places that get snowy weather, as the snow slides right off.
  • Do you want a garage, a partially enclosed carport, or an open carport?
  • What color do you want the roof, siding, and trim to be? We offer a range of color options so you can match your mobile home’s color scheme.
  • How many doors and windows do you want, and where should they be placed?
  • Do you want us to install your new garage for you, or would you prefer to buy one of our mobile home garage kits and set it up yourself? Keep in mind that professional installation is free in select states.

If you need help deciding on the right options for your new mobile home garage, just give us a call and we’d be glad to help. At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we’re not just about great prices on metal buildings: We have great service, too!

Design and Price Your Metal Garage

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