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Enclosed Carports (with Sides) for Sale

A boat protected under a partially enclosed metal carport

A custom enclosed carport from Alan’s Factory Outlet is the perfect shelter to protect your vehicles. We offer both partially and fully enclosed carport options at great prices, so you can choose whichever carport enclosure configuration you need. Whether you want storage space for your car, boat, RV, or other vehicle, you’ll be able to get the right carport with sides here!

How Much Does an Enclosed Carport Cost?

The base price of a carport ranges between $1,295 and $4,995, but the price of your enclosed carport will vary depending on its size and whether it’s fully or partially enclosed. RV carports are among our bigger carports. Check the charts below to find the price for your ideal carport enclosure configuration.

A picture of an RV sits under a carport

Cost to Enclose Both Sides of a Carport

Height20′ Long25′ Long30′ Long35′ Long40′ Long
6′ Tall$440$520$620$700$860
7′ Tall$550$650$775$875$1,075
8′-9′ Tall$660$780$930$1,050$1,290
10′ Tall$770$910$1,085$1,225$1,505
11′-12′ Tall$880$1,040$1,240$1,400$1,720
13′ Tall$990$1,170$1,395$1,575$1,935
14′-15′ Tall$1,100$1,300$1,550$1,750$2,150
16′ Tall$1,210$1,430$1,705$1,925$2,365
Vertical Sides (Both Sides)     
6′-10′ Tall Add$360$420$480$540$60
11′-15′ Tall Add$480$570$660$750$840
16′ Tall Add$600$720$840$960$1,080
Vertical Two Tone (Both Sides)$300$350$400$450$500

Cost to Enclose the Ends of a Carport

Height12′ Wide18′ Wide20′ Wide22′ Wide24′ Wide
6′ Tall$540$650$755$865$970
7′ Tall$640$725$840$960$1,075
8′-9′ Tall$685$815$940$1,075$1,200
10′ Tall$830$980$1,130$1,285$1,435
11′-12′ Tall$1,010$1,200$1,400$1,590$1,790
13′ Tall$1,150$1,370$1,585$1,800$2,105
14′-15′ Tall$1,370$1,625$1,885$2,150$2,405
16′ Tall$1,475$1,760$2,040$2,315$2,600
Vertical End (per End)$150$270$300$330$360
Vertical Two Tone (per End)$200$250$300$350$400

Custom Options Available for an Enclosed Carport

metal carport with last 10' of end closed with a garage door

Our metal carports with sides can be customized any way you choose: Pick a roof style, custom dimensions, the colors of the roof and trim, and any other options you’d like. You can make anything from one small enclosed carport to triple-wide carports and metal barn lean-to buildings to protect multiple vehicles. Just use our easy 3D carport-builder tool to create your new carport enclosure and see how much it will cost!

Whether you opt to buy a prefab steel carport with sides for sale here or customize one of our metal enclosed carport kits, you’re sure to love the quality and value you get from every one of our products. And if you need help with your order, Alan’s Factory Outlet will be here to walk you through how to enclose a metal carport to create the best structure for your needs. We even provide free delivery and installation of our enclosed metal carports, garages, and sheds in select states. Purchase one of our prefab enclosed metal carports online today!

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