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Metal Carport Awnings for Sale from $1,295

Our metal carport awnings protect your cars year-round. These steel awnings are stronger than aluminum, but don’t cost more. Installation is free. Use our cost calculator to get a price for the car cover you need.

Say goodbye to scraping ice on cold winter mornings and stepping into a scorching oven on hot summer days. Those temperature extremes aren’t any good for your cars or for you. Show your cars some love with a classy driveway awning that will keep your vehicles in top shape.

12x20 regular carport
12×20 Regular Carport
20x20 regular carport
20×20 Regular Carport
24x20 Vertical Roof Carport
24×20 Vertical Roof Carport

Well-chosen carports and awnings like those at Alan’s Factory Outlet can offer both convenience and style. A carport can range widely in shape, size, material, and style, making it highly customizable to match any home and any surrounding landscaping. So in addition to practical considerations, you can make your carport awning look awesome.

Benefits of a Carport

20x20 Carport Awning

Metal carport awnings offer similar benefits as fully enclosed garages for much less money. Many homeowners also find that metal awnings actually enhance the appearance of their property. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright used vehicle awnings for many of the homes he designed, famously saying, “A car is not a horse, and it doesn’t need a barn.”

Contemporary home design professionals describe metal car awnings as a rising style trend. They contrast the light and welcoming look of an open carport with the blank and heavy front of a closed garage. As for practical benefits, a carport provides vehicles with natural ventilation as well as protection from the elements. In places with regular prevailing winds, metal awnings may be designed with one closed side for further protection.

Carports have become an increasingly popular option for design reasons and remain attractive to many buyers as an economical alternative to a full garage. On average, adding a car awning to your property costs less than half the price of building a garage.

Practical Considerations

Blue carport awning

All of the metal carports we sell are freestanding structures. This means they cannot be attached directly to your house or another building. The installers usually need three feet of space on every side to properly install the carport. If you want to attach your awning to your house, you may be able to move it and re-anchor it after it is installed.

Local regulations may partially determine which car awning you may select. In some cases, carports are addressed in homeowners’ association bylaws or by local zoning laws. For example, homeowners may be permitted to erect permanent carports but portable awnings for cars may be prohibited. Other communities expect their residents to construct carports in a certain position relative to the house and the property lines.

Carport Options & Awnings

When choosing an awning, carport buyers can select from a variety of styles for our metal car awnings. We have steel awnings for sale with a barn roof, a boxed-eave roof, or a vertical-style roof and open or enclosed sides. Furthermore, we can make awnings in custom sizes to suit your needs.

Carports efficiently protect cars and RVs from sun, hail, needles, and leaves at a relatively low price. Carport awnings are highly durable and require a relatively low initial investment, making them one of the most cost-effective car protection options in the long run.

At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we have a great selection of metal awnings for sale at great prices. Ordering online is easy. Call now to purchase your custom carport and save!

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