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One-Car Garage: Ideas to Maximize the Storage Space and Potential of Your Single-Car Garage


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A single-car garage can be a useful addition to one’s home in a number of ways; unfortunately, they often do not offer a great deal of additional space. This is particularly true for people who store a lot of items in their garage or people who have a tendency toward disorganization. Here on the Alan’s Factory Outlet website, you’ll find that we advertise a selection of single-vehicle garages for sale. Our garages are of the finest craftsmanship and are built to offer lasting protection. How much space is available in each one-car garage depends on several factors that are ultimately determined by you as the owner. As a result, you’ll want to take the right steps to ensure that it is being utilized to achieve its maximum potential.

When you purchase a single garage from us, there are certain things that you will want to take into consideration. First, you will want to ensure that you purchase the right size of garage for the vehicle that will be parked inside it. Take into consideration how tall the vehicle is and how wide or long. You should also consider what other items you would ideally like to keep in the garage alongside the vehicle. In essence, one should have a plan about the overall desired use for the new building. In addition to its use, one’s single-car garage plans should also include where each of the items stored within should be kept.

This will require some smart ideas in terms of garage organization and storage. Items that are commonly kept in one’s garage include gardening tools and chemicals, paint, automotive tools, sporting equipment, and excess storage from the home. When a person has a one-car garage, ideas for its organization and storage should include keeping items elevated off of the floors by using mounted jars, baskets, or bins and wall shelving that is easily adjustable. Peg boards are particularly useful when it comes to garage storage. Hooks on walls can be used to hold items such as shovels, saws, or other tools. If the plan is to store sporting goods in the garage, then they, too, should be placed in a location that is off the ground, such as a wall-mounted bicycle rack. While keeping items off the floor maximizes the amount of square footage in a single-car garage, it isn’t a hard storage rule. Items that are not kept high on the walls can be kept in garage cabinets or chests with drawers. If space allows, place a sturdy work desk or bench to keep any work centralized in one location.

Another storage idea that can save a great deal of space is to utilize the ceiling. One can install or even build an overhead storage shelf that will help their one-car garage stay as organized and free of clutter as possible. Overhead storage is ideal for those items that are very infrequently used, such as seasonal or holiday ornaments, for example. After the properly sized prefab garage has been ordered and installed, you can then put your single-car garage storage ideas into action. This may at first seem like a tedious task, but with a well-organized plan, it can be accomplished relatively quickly. The benefits of having maximum space for storage items and freedom to move unencumbered is invaluable and well worth the effort.

As your source for one-car garages, we want to provide you with enough information and options to help you choose the right one to buy. We are confident that you will appreciate these efforts and the garages that you find here on our site. Whatever your reasons for needing a single-vehicle garage, don’t delay in placing your order. Give us a call or place an order online 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

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