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40×60 Metal Buildings from $34,654 Installed

Are you looking to buy a 40×60 steel building, metal pole barn, building kit, shed, shop, storage building, commercial building, RV garage, or warehouse? Here is everything you need to know about designing and pricing a custom 40×60 metal building.

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How Much Does a 40×60 Metal Building Cost?

The base cost of a fully-enclosed 40×60 metal building with 8’ sides is about $35,000. That price includes delivery and installation. Due to the current cost of steel, the price in your area may be 10 to 20 percent more.

You will probably want to add doors, windows, garage doors, and taller sides to your 40×60 metal building. You can use our Metal Building Cost Calculator to quickly get the exact price for your 40×60 metal building.

Cost-Saving Design Tip: If you want a 60×40 metal building, you should consider getting a 40×60 metal building instead. A 40×60 building has a lower roof peak, requires less steel to build, and costs significantly less than a 60×40 metal building.

If you need a lean-to added to a metal pole-barn, give us a call (our online cost calculator doesn’t support lean-to’s yet).

How Much Does a Concrete Slab for a 40×60 Metal Building Cost?

Unless you are building a horse barn or agricultural building, I recommend that you install your 40×60 metal building on a 41’ x 61’ concrete slab. Your slab should be at least 4 inches thick, but if you will be storing any type of heavy equipment in your building, you should get a slab that is at least 6 inch thick.

If you just need a ballpark estimate, you’ll likely pay around $8 a square foot or more for a 6-inch-thick slab. A 41’ by 61’ slab is 2501 square feet, so your foundation could easily cost $20,000 or more.

To get accurate quotes for a concrete foundation, you will need to call local contractors. Concrete isn’t very expensive, but the cost of labor to have the concrete slab poured can be expensive. The cost of labor varies widely from area to area.

I suggest you call your nearest Ready Mix supplier and ask the concrete dispatcher for the names of the best two or three concrete slab contractors in the area. The dispatchers usually know who does good work since they deliver concrete to everyone. Then call those contractors to get a quote for your foundation.

Should I Insulate My Metal Building?

That depends on what you will use the building for. Without insulation, water may condense on the underside of the roof on cool nights and drip onto the floor of your metal building. We offer two types of insulation for metal buildings. You can also add your own insulation (such as spray foam) after installation.

Do You Have 40×60 Metal Building Plans?

Of course we have plans! Often your local building department will want to see the building plans before they approve your building permit. We can send you a copy of the building plans a few days after you place your order.

How Many Square Feet Is a 40×60 Building?

A 40×60 building is 2400 square feet. The steel frame of a metal pole buildings is 2½ inches thick, so the actual floor space is about 2,358 square feet.

Do You Sell 40×60 Metal Building Kits?

If you want to install our prefabricated metal building yourself, you can call us to make arrangements. But since installation is included in the price, it wouldn’t save you any money.

Why Buy from Alan’s Factory Outlet?

A 40×60 metal building is a major investment. You don’t want to take any risks on quality, and you should expect excellent customer service to help you make sure you get exactly the building you need.

Alan’s Factory Outlet is a family-run business with more than 19 years of experience selling metal buildings and over 50,000 satisfied customers. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more reliable, customer-oriented business to buy your metal building from. Our customers are pleasantly surprised by the high quality and affordable cost of our metal buildings for sale. We also have friendly, English-speaking support staff at our office in Luray, Virginia who you can call at any time for help.

Once you have your high-quality, 40×60 metal building installed, I’m confident you’ll be glad you bought it from Alan’s Factory Outlet.

If you’re ready to get instant, transparent, online pricing for your metal building, you can design and order your 40×60 building here.

If you have unanswered questions, give us a call at 1-800-488-6903, and we’ll be glad to help!

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