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We sell residential, RV, and commercial carports from 12 to 60 feet wide.

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12x20, 18x20, 20x20, 20x30, 30x30, custom size.

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We deliver and install in 23 states across the US.

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We sell carports in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado,  Florida, Georgia, Southern Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our cheapest carports start at about $1,300, which makes them one of the least expensive carports you can buy. However, in terms of quality, our metal carports are anything but “cheap.”

Metal carports cost about half as much as a wood carport. Since metal carports are also more durable and come in many attractive colors and styles, metal carports are the obvious choice for most people.

The price of steel carports and aluminum carports is about the same. Steel is heavier-duty and less likely to dent. At Alan’s Factory Outlet we sell steel carports.

The regular-style carports are the most economical, and they come with a rounded, barn-shaped roof. The other two styles look the same at first, sloping straight down from the peak, but the difference is in the direction that the roof sheeting runs in. On boxed-eave carport covers, the 29-gauge sheeting runs lengthwise, just like on the regular-style roof, but on a vertical-roof carport, the sheeting runs up and down, which helps snow and rain to slide off so you won’t have to rake the roof. If you are planning to add a gutter to your garage or carport, you will want to go with the vertical style. The vertical style is the strongest style, and we strongly recommend this style on larger carport sizes, as the longest roof paneling we have comes in 36-foot-long sections.

Custom metal carports protect expensive vehicles from weather damage and increase the resale value of your home. If you ever sell your vehicles or home, your carport will probably pay for itself.

Yes, you can certainly build your own carport, but this isn’t a recommended course of action – especially for those unfamiliar with construction to begin with. Though it may seem like a simple job at first glance, there’s a lot of planning that goes into a carport before even purchasing any materials. One miscalculation during the planning phase can result in a lot of unnecessary spending to try and rectify the issue.

Yes. In addition to the protection from natural elements, a carport can offer your vehicles, adding a carport to your home can also increase the property’s value.

Not necessarily. Whether or not a carport is considered a permanent structure has more to do with how it’s installed, rather than the materials it’s made out of. If your carport is attached to a solid and secure foundation, then it is considered a permanent structure. However, if it is not attached to the foundation and you have the ability to relocate the carport from one section of your property to another, then it is not considered a permanent structure.

Yes, you can add metal siding or even concrete walls to a metal carport in order to enclose the structure. This makes sense if you already have a carport you wish to turn into a more traditional garage. However, if you don’t yet have a carport, it’s recommended you purchase a garage from the outset instead of attempting to convert it yourself later.

Whether or not you need planning permission for a carport largely comes down to where you live. Some areas will require permission and others won’t. It’s always a good idea to review the building regulations of your local municipality before beginning construction on any project.

Most of our carports are manufactured by Carolina Carports. They are known for their high-quality, low-cost carports. Our carports in Colorado and New Mexico are manufactured by Eagle Carports.

It’s understandable that someone would be interested in adding some more aesthetic appeal to their carport. After all, these structures are built for function far more than fashion. Some easy ways of sprucing up your carport include adding shrubs or flower gardens around its perimeter, or you can try hanging strings of lights around the roof.

Turning your carport into a garage can definitely add value to your property. Not only does it provide better protection for your vehicles than an open-air carport, but it can also increase the amount of living space offered on your property.

No, footings are not required to install a carport. Carports can be secured using a few other methods such as rebar, mobile home anchors, or concrete anchors. Though, it is still recommended that you review local building codes to make sure they aren’t mandated by your local municipality.

Carports can range anywhere from a few hundred pounds to well over 1,000 lbs. Metal carports tend to be on the lighter side compared with their wood counterparts, but larger models can still become quite heavy.

The easiest way to move a carport without disassembling it is to jack up each side of the carport and place skidders underneath. You can then attach it to a vehicle and try sliding it. However, this isn’t recommended. The frame of your carport can easily become bent in the process, so be sure to be extra careful if you decide to attempt this.

Not necessarily, though it is highly advisable. While you can use a dirt floor for a carport, you may not be able to secure it as well as you would with a proper foundation. Not to mention, you’ll have a hard time keeping your vehicles and equipment clean in that situation.

Our carports are designed and constructed with different regions in mind. Carports being delivered to the District of Columbia, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are specially designed to handle the heavy snowfall. Most are rated to handle 35 psf of snow, but they can be upgraded to withstand 65 psf.

You’ll first want to remove the roof from the structure and then scrub away any old sealant in the leak’s area. You’ll then want to add a strip of repair cloth to the affected area and apply new sealant before placing the roof back onto the carport.

The depth of your particular footings can be affected by several factors. The height of your carport, the wind speed in your area, and even the soil type can all play a role in determining how deep to make your footings. If you’re unsure, it may be best to seek advice from an expert.

Still have questions?

Visit our FAQ page for answers to common questions, use our contact form to ask a question, or give us a call.

Build Your Own Metal Garage or Carport With Our 3D Builder

Price and Buy Online with Our 3D Builder Plus Free Shipping and Installation!

  • Select a size to meet your needs
  • Choose roof, side, and trim colors
  • Add garage doors, windows, and walk-in doors
  • Customize additional options
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