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Portable Metal Buildings: Prices and Details


Portable metal buildings are gaining popularity with each passing year. People frequently purchase prefab portable shed kits over stick-built structures for many reasons. Portable metal sheds offer the same durability and dependability that wooden structures do at a significantly lower price. And if you’re wondering, “Where can I find portable storage buildings near me?” the solution is easier than you think when you buy online from Alan’s Factory Outlet: We deliver metal buildings to dozens of states.

What Is a Storage Building, and What Is it Used For?

Our portable storage buildings are small structures that can be easily customized to meet your building needs. You can use one to store equipment, animals, vehicles, or whatever else might need a safe, enclosed space. Our portable structures for sale are often used as:

  • Garden sheds
  • Utility buildings
  • Portable storage buildings
  • Vehicle storage

Our range of portable buildings for sale can save you time and energy, and they are great for people who don’t have the skills to put up a building from scratch on their own. Alan’s Factory Outlet has several different styles, sizes, and colors of portable metal buildings, so you can get the structure you want and need at an affordable price. Options include:

  • Sizes ranging from 12 x 21 to 24 x 36
  • Colors including white, brown, green, red, and beige
  • Cement anchors and 29-gauge roofing

Buying metal portable storage buildings is an ideal way to get the additional storage space you need quickly. Stick-built structures can take months to build, but portable metal buildings are assembled fast and delivered straight to you, whether you choose to have us build your structure on site or you’d rather buy portable building kits to assemble yourself. With no labor cost on your part, you can immediately enjoy the extra space offered by these portable steel buildings. If you’re looking for portable buildings near you, we’ve got them: Our high-quality, cheap portable buildings can be delivered and installed for free in 22 states!

What Is the Best Material for Portable Storage Sheds?

Metal is an incredibly easy material to work with, making it possible to create several different styles of affordable portable buildings. With our wide variety of metal structures, you’re sure to find portable storage buildings in a size and style to suit your needs. Portable steel buildings may be used to store anything from rakes and lawnmowers to animals and tractors. Metal garages and steel portable sheds are great places to store precious belongings, equipment, vehicles, and other things you want to protect. Metal carports are a great option to keep your vehicles out of the rain, dust, and snow without paying a hefty price.

Portable metal carports can be moved around and placed on your property exactly how and where you want them. And a metal barn from our selection of portable structures is one of the best things you can give your animals, as it provides protection from the cold and the scorching sun. If you’re looking for “modular storage buildings for sale near me,” buy one of these portable storage sheds to get the security you’re looking for at a great price!

Portable Storage Building Prices

Price List: Metal Garages AL, AR, GA, KY, KS, LA, MO, MS, NC, OK, SC, TN, TX, VA and WV Priced fully enclosed with 9′ legs. Garage doors, walk in doors and windows are additional.

  • Regular Style
  • Boxed Eave Style
  • Vertical Roof Style
12’ wide18’ wide20’ wide22’ wide24’ wide
20’ long$3,540$3,900$4,450$4,920$5,270
25’ long$4,050$4,410$4,960$5,530$5,980
30’ long$4,480$4,840$5,590$6,160$6,710
35’ long$4,875$5,335$6,185$6,755$7,305
40’ long
12’ wide18’ wide20’ wide22’ wide24’ wide
20’ long$3,640$4,100$4,550$5,020$5,570
25’ long$4,250$4,610$5,160$5,730$6,280
30’ long$4,880$5,240$5,890$6,560$7,110
35’ long$5,375$5,835$6,485$7,255$7,905
40’ long
12’ wide18’ wide20’ wide22’ wide24’ wide
20’ long$3,940$4,300$4,750$5,420$5,770
25’ long$4,550$4,910$5,460$6,230$6,580
30’ long$5,180$5,640$6,290$7,060$7,510
35’ long$5,775$6,235$6,985$7,855$8,305
40’ long$6,595$7,055$7,805$8,775$9,225

Please see a complete list of options, accessories and pricing in the attached PDF
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Consult our full portable garage price list for more details, or find something larger with our extended sizes.

How Much Does a Portable Shed Cost?

The average cost of our cheap portable buildings for sale is around $1,000 to $5,000. Individual prices depend on the materials and size of the project. Contact us today to find out how Alan’s Factory Outlet can help you find portable storage buildings to fit your needs and your budget.

Why Buy a Portable Storage Building? Benefits of Owning Our Portable Metal Buildings

Portable storage buildings have many benefits, but one of the most popular reasons people purchase these metal structures is the cost advantage they offer. As lumber decreases in availability and increases in price, metal portable storage buildings offer an economical alternative. The initial savings on portable sheds makes it possible for people with a small budget to reap the rewards of having extra storage on their property. When you’re searching for affordable portable buildings near you, you can feel confident that you’ve found the right choice with Alan’s Factory Outlet: Our portable storage sheds come at some of the lowest prices around, and the durability of our portable storage buildings will save you money and stress over time. While other structures are directly affected by nature’s elements, a portable metal building can withstand the sun’s heat, rain, wind, and humidity. Metal is incredibly tough and will never be damaged by termites and other bugs. The maintenance cost over the years is another place to save, as our portable storage sheds and buildings require no extra work. Your one-time purchase is exactly that: one time.

If you’re looking for modular buildings for sale near you, consider Alan’s Factory Outlet. We offer a variety of portable metal buildings, so there is something for everyone who is searching for “portable storage buildings near me.” Once you have found the building and the correct size you need, you can choose the color of metal you want and other design features.

If there is something you are struggling with or you have questions, please don’t be afraid to contact us online or pick up the phone. Our customer service staff is prepared to help guide you through the process of buying modular buildings for sale near you, from placing your order to after your metal building is assembled. Call now for more information on our portable storage buildings!