How to Store a Motorcycle

When the time comes to put your motorcycle away for the off season, these tips for storing your motorcycle will keep it running strong when the good weather returns:

  1. Make sure the gas tank is full and add fuel stabilizer.
  2. Fill all other fluids, including coolant and brake fluid.
  3. Change the oil and filter.
  4. Remove the battery and hook it up to a trickle charger.
  5. Wash and wax the bike to prevent rusting. Spray the exhaust pipes with WD-40.
  6. Plug the exhaust pipes with a towel to keep out rodents and moisture.
  7. Take the weight off of the tires using stands, or rotate the tires every few weeks.
  8. Put a cover over the motorcycle.
  9. Store the bike securely in a sturdy shed.


Why Do All of This?

It may seem like there are way too many steps that need to be followed before you can lock your bike away for the season, but they’re all important to making sure that your motorcycle stays in good condition. For instance, a motorcycle’s oil will become dirty and contaminated with use and can become corrosive, so the American Motorcyclist Association recommends changing the oil right before storing it away for the winter. Gas can also become a problem and may begin to break down as it sits in the tank. To remedy this, add a fuel stabilizer to the topped-off tank before storing it for the winter. You’ll also need to take steps to keep the bike’s battery alive over the winter; if you don’t, it will slowly weaken as the weeks go by. An ideal way to prevent this is to attach the battery to a trickle charger, which will keep the battery full without overcharging it. And unless you want to come back in the spring to find flat spots on your tires, you’ll need to store the motorcycle so that the tires are not touching the floor, or else put it up on its center stand and rotate the tires frequently.

You might not think that things like dust, moisture, or sunlight could be harmful to your motorcycle, but they can do damage over a long period of time. To keep dirt and dust buildup off of your motorcycle’s paint job, clean and wax it before putting it into storage. You will also want to keep the bike covered using a breathable cloth cover that’s made for motorcycles. Avoid using a plastic cover, as it can trap moisture that can cause corrosion.

Where Should You Store Your Bike?

Once you’ve gotten all of these steps taken care of, you need to find a safe home for your motorcycle while you wait for spring to arrive. A motorcycle shed is an ideal solution, as it provides a sturdy structure that can protect your bike from the elements and keep it clean. Locking your bike inside of a motorcycle storage shed will also keep it safe from thieves or even mischievous rodents. Of course, motorcycle sheds don’t only have to be for winter use: They’re also a great place to park your bike during the rest of the year, freeing up garage space for other uses.

To protect a valuable investment like your motorcycle, it’s important to use the best motorcycle storage shed to keep it safe. That rickety old shed your grandpa built just won’t do for such an important job: You need a sturdy, reliable shed that won’t leave your bike vulnerable to driving sleet, howling winds, or the weight of a heavy snowfall. And when you’re ready to buy the best motorcycle storage shed for your bike, we can help.

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