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Versatile Large Storage Sheds


If you need big storage sheds to house an oversize object or a lot of smaller things on your property, look no further! At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we pride ourselves on offering our clients a huge selection of large sheds for sale. Our customizable large storage sheds are the perfect answer for customers with lots of property and large storage needs. Since we carry a wide array of sizes, you’re sure to find the large-size storage buildings that you’re looking for. And you can feel confident about the durability of our large outdoor storage sheds, since they’re made with high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. When you make a purchase from us, you can be sure that your new storage building will last for years to come!

How Will You Use Our Big Sheds for Sale?

Our large garden sheds are highly versatile, so you can use them to suit many needs. A large shed can be used for recreational purposes, as a workshop, or as a garage for storing motor homes, farm equipment, or any vehicle that’s seldom used or unused altogether. In some cases, a large-sized structure can be used for both expanding storage space and another purpose. When properly ventilated and prepared, the extra-large storage sheds that we offer may also be used as storage barns or a place to keep livestock out of the sun.

Depending on how you choose to use your new shed, you’ll want to consider what will be needed to make it the perfect space for you. If you’re using it for storage, you may want to leave the structure as is, but if you plan to spend a lot of time inside, you may want to consider running electricity to it or adding insulation. No matter what its use, keep the shed organized and clean to get the maximum benefit from it.

Choosing a Large Shed

Our large outdoor storage buildings are available with wood siding, vinyl siding, or metal. Depending on your needs, our metal buildings are also our longest and widest options. If your needs are extremely oversize, metal buildings are the best option, as they can be connected to create a building that is as long as needed.

When selecting large outdoor storage sheds, you’ll want a shed that complements your home or any other buildings on your property. Regardless of which of our large sheds for sale you choose, you’ll find that you have a generous selection of colors to pick from. Colors may vary depending on whether you choose a metal, wood, or vinyl large storage shed, so if a specific color is important, this may factor into your decision about which type of shed to buy.

How Much Does a Large Shed Cost?

The cost of a large shed will depend on its size and the materials used.

  • Metal Structures: From $2,955 for a 12×12 building with a regular-style roof to $7,725 for a 24×41 building with a vertical-style roof
  • Vinyl Sheds: From $3,137 for a 12×12 mini-barn to $12,250 for a 14×40 high-wall A-frame
  • Wood Sheds: From $2,973 for a 12×12 mini-barn to $10,277 for a 14×40 high-wall A-frame

Two-story buildings are also available to give you even more space. These big sheds for sale start as low as $7,764 for a wooden 12×12 shed but can be made as large as 28×48 in either wood or vinyl.

What Size Shed Requires a Permit?

Permit requirements for a large shed will vary depending on local laws. Be sure to check local building codes before you purchase a large shed to make sure that you satisfy all municipal requirements.

Find Large Sheds for Sale Perfect for Any Need

It’s simple to find large outdoor sheds that are suited to any use you can think of with Alan’s Factory Outlet. If you’re not quite sure which of our large storage buildings would be the right choice, just give us a call or email us: We’d love to help. We’re here to meet all of your storage needs at a great price. Place your order today!