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Metal Workshop Buildings: Prices and Details

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32 to 60 wide metal workshop

Metal Workshop Buildings: Prices and Details

At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we offer a wide selection of durable custom shop buildings for sale designed to satisfy your needs, including metal workshop building kits. Our prefab shop kits come with everything required to have your steel workshop assembled in no time! We offer free setup of your metal workshop building kit, but if you’d prefer, we can also deliver an unassembled metal garage to your property along with its hardware, materials, doors, windows, and instructions to walk you through how to build a workshop yourself. Either way, you can find a premade steel workshop for sale that’s perfect for your needs with Alan’s Factory Outlet. When you buy metal shops for sale from us, you’re investing in high-quality and inexpensive workshops that will serve your family for many years to come!

How Can You Use Our Prefab Shop Buildings?

Our steel buildings and metal garages can serve a variety of purposes. Our designs are frequently used as storage sheds, inexpensive workshop spaces, and car/boat shelters in residential areas. Steel buildings are a wise choice for a workshop because they offer safety and protection for your valuable tools and other equipment. Whether your hobby is woodworking or fixing up old cars, a sturdy metal structure like a prefab shop garage from Alan’s Factory Outlet can be a great place to get it done!

The Benefits of Owning a Metal Building

When you use a prefabricated shed or garage as a metal shop building, you’ll enjoy many benefits. For instance, our metal sheds have the advantage of being lightweight and easy to assemble. Plus, they’re designed to withstand heavy winds, blizzards, and pounding rain.

Unlike wood, steel is not susceptible to fire, rotting, or warping. And also unlike wood, your metal building will be safe from termites and rodents. How well does steel work? Shop with us and see for yourself! Although steel shop buildings require very little maintenance, do keep an eye out for rust. Overall, it is very easy and cheap to maintain metal shop buildings, and you can rest assured that they won’t develop mildew. Just soap and water should be all you need to keep your steel shop clean.

Another benefit of owning this type of structure is its environmentally friendly material. The steel used in our metal shops is 100% recyclable and doesn’t release pollutants into the air like certain types of treated wood may. Steel shop buildings are energy-efficient and provide you with a comfortable atmosphere next to your home to work in. In addition, these affordable structures are non-combustible, reducing the likelihood of fire due to lightning or electrical accidents. So be sure to take a look at each metal shop building for sale here at Alan’s Factory Outlet to decide which is right for you!

How to Choose a New Workshop Building

Before placing your order for custom garage/workshop buildings, it’s important to do your research as there are many things to consider when building a shop. We recommend that you first calculate the amount of storage space you’ll need. When considering metal shop kits, metal shops’ prices and add-ons will be affected by the dimensions you’re working with. Measure the area where you want to put your modular metal workshop building to see how much room you have. Then, decide what size metal workshop you want. Remember, few people complain that they have too much space: If in doubt, size up! You’ll still have an inexpensive workshop that you can be certain meets all of your needs.

At Alan’s Factory Outlet, you can choose from many customization options to get the right steel workshop building for you. Shop our standard sizes or choose your own, then pick out a color. To customize it further and make it personal, you’ll have the option to choose from a variety of styles of doors, windows, colors, and roofs.

Keep in mind that for the best results, it’s important to build your structure on a level piece of ground. We suggest putting down a concrete pad to give your building a stable foundation. Not surprisingly for contractors, manufacturers, and those who work in construction, workshop building plans with a properly prepared foundation last much longer than those without a strong base.

Shop Metal Shop Buildings: Prices and Sizes

If you’ve taken a look at your budget and wondered, “How much to build a workshop?” there is no single concrete answer. Metal shop prices can vary widely, from $2,955 for small shop buildings to $193,540 for the largest. We carry metal modular workshop buildings ranging from small 12-by-21-foot spaces perfect for sculpture artists or tinkerers to vast, 60-by-300-foot steel structures to hold your hot rods. When you’re building a workshop, the cost will fluctuate based on many different factors but that doesn’t mean you can’t begin building a shop on a budget. For a better steel workshop buildings cost estimator, take a look at the chart below, or check out our detailed price lists for smaller and larger metal buildings.

Typical Shop Building Prices

*Prices subject to change without notice

40×20$7,295 metal carport
50×48$17,295 open cover
40×80$25,090 sides and ends open
60×200$133,890 fully enclosed

These are some of our most typical metal shop prices for standard sizes. Our price charts can guide you to a better estimate of metal workshop prices tailored to your needs, or you can always call us for a quote for a more accurate estimate of how much it’ll cost to build a metal shop.

Learn More About Building a Shop

How Much Does a Prefab Metal Workshop Building Cost?

The cost to build a shop depends on your needs and expectations. For instance, many woodworkers opt for a 24×26 shop, which starts at $5,010. But artists or those interested in building a workshop on a budget might want something smaller, like a 12×26 metal building that costs $3,350, while someone who fixes up cars might need something much larger, like a 50×100 space, which costs $67,440.

How Do You Design a Workshop?

Your garage workshop design will vary greatly depending on what type of workshop you’re setting up, but it’s a good idea to start figuring out the layout of your space by thinking about how your equipment will best fit into the space. Measure what you plan to bring in, then consider both the sizes of your largest items and the way you plan to use them. Maybe you have a large machine or several cars you need to fit. Arrange your manufactured workshop in a way that will make it easy for you to do whatever type of work you plan to do without feeling cramped into a corner or having to constantly walk back and forth to find what you need.

What Is a Good-Size Workshop?

The ideal size for a workshop depends on how you plan to use it. Often, around 125 square feet will be a good size for woodworking, but if you’re doing a small-scale activity, you’ll need less space, and if you plan to work on cars, you’ll need a space big enough to accommodate at least one vehicle as well as your workspace and tools.

What Sizes Do Metal Buildings Come in?

Our buildings come in a huge variety of sizes. Some are large enough to serve as a small garden shed or workshop, while others could house a vehicle. You’ll find sizes ranging from 12×21 to 60×200 in our inventory. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, contact us and we’ll see if we can customize an order for you.

Where Can You Buy a Shop Building in a Custom Size?

You can buy metal shop building kits with the exact specifications you want with Alan’s Factory Outlet. Our team can help you order the perfect prefab workshop building for your needs.

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