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Only pay a deposit for delivery

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Affordable Metal Shop Buildings With Free Delivery and Setup

At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we offer a wide selection of durable custom shop buildings for sale designed to satisfy your needs, including both prefab structures and metal shop building kits. Our steel buildings make great storage sheds, home workshops, and vehicle shelters, and you can customize one any way you choose to get exactly the right structure for your needs. Whether your hobby is woodworking or fixing up old cars, our steel shop buildings can be a great place to get it done. Buy a custom metal shop today and you’ll get the best price around plus free delivery and installation!

A dark-gray steel shop building with white doors and trim

Benefits of Buying a Metal Workshop

When you use a prefabricated shed or garage as a metal shop building, you’ll enjoy many benefits. For instance, our metal sheds are designed to withstand heavy winds, blizzards, and pounding rain. Unlike wood, steel is not susceptible to fire, rotting, or warping. And also unlike wood, your metal building will be safe from termites and rodents. It’s also very easy and cheap to maintain steel workshop buildings: Just soap and water should be all you need to keep your steel shop clean.

Another benefit of owning this type of structure is its environmentally friendly material. The steel used in our metal shops is 100% recyclable and doesn’t release pollutants into the air like certain types of treated wood may. In addition, these affordable structures are non-combustible, reducing the likelihood of fire due to lightning or electrical accidents.

Of course, one of the best benefits of buying a metal shop building for sale here is that you can customize it to your exact specifications. There’s no need to settle for less than what you wanted when you shop with Alan’s Factory Outlet!

How to Design Your Own Steel Shop Building

Before placing your order for custom garage/workshop buildings, start by figuring out how big your structure should be. Measure the area where you intend to put your new metal shop, then think about how you’ll use your space. We sell prefab shop buildings in sizes from 12×21 to 60×200, so whether you want a small garden shed or a multi-bay garage, you can create it with us. Remember, few people complain that they have too much space: If in doubt, size up! You’ll still have an inexpensive workshop that you can be certain will meet all of your needs.

Once you have an idea of the size you need, you can use our simple 3D building tool to bring your new metal shop to life. Select the size, roof-style, colors, and other options you’d like, including doors and windows. You’ll be able to see a rendering of your new building as you go, and you’ll also see a price estimate that updates as you choose different options. Once you’re satisfied with your new steel shop, add it to your cart and place your order. You can also give us a call if you need any assistance while you’re designing your new metal workshop: We’d be glad to help.

Want to DIY? Choose Our Metal Shop Kits

We offer free setup of every metal workshop building kit we sell, but if you’d prefer, we can also deliver an unassembled metal garage to your property along with its hardware and instructions to walk you through how to build a workshop yourself. There’s no need to call in contractors: Our prefab shop kits come with everything required to have your steel workshop assembled in no time!

Metal Shops’ Prices: How Much Does a Prefab Metal Workshop Building Cost?

Metal shop prices can vary widely depending on your needs, from $2,955 for small shop buildings to $193,540 for the largest. Since every product we sell is custom-built, you can create a metal workshop that’s as budget-conscious or elaborate as you choose. Many woodworkers opt for a 24×26 shop, which starts at $5,010. But artists or those interested in building a workshop on a budget might want something smaller, like a 12×26 metal building that costs $3,350. Meanwhile, someone who fixes up cars might be interested in one of our larger metal buildings, like a 50×100 space, which costs $67,440. The choice is yours when you shop with Alan’s Factory Outlet!

Typical Shop Building Prices


Please note that our metal workshop prices are subject to change without notice: While we work hard to keep our prices as low as possible, manufacturers do occasionally add surcharges that are out of our control.

Order Your Ideal Metal Workshop Today

Ready to create your own perfect workspace? When you’re searching for a “metal workshop near me,” you don’t have to look any further than Alan’s Factory Outlet! We make it easy to order a pre-built metal workshop building online that’s perfect for your property. We’ll even send a team of our metal shop builders near you to deliver and assemble your new workshop for free! There’s no need to drive from store to store hoping to find a metal shop building that matches what you have in mind: We’ll custom-build one to your exact specifications. Please your order today!

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