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2-Car Carports

Get a 2-Car Carport for Less

Many households have two or more vehicles, and it’s important to protect these valuable investments. Parking under a carport is a great way to shelter your vehicles from the snow, rain, wind, and sun. At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we make it easy to find a two-car metal carport for sale that perfectly suits your needs because we provide an array of customization options. Our sturdy carports are made from steel, and they’re built to withstand any type of weather. If you live in a snowy area, you’re sure to be grateful for your carport the first time you go outside after a snowstorm and find that you don’t need to clean off your car! Shop our selection of durable, affordable carports today and see how easy it is to buy the right carport at the right price.

20x20 regular carport
20×20 Regular Carport
20x30 regular carport
20×30 Regular Carport
24x20 Vertical Roof Carport
24×20 Vertical Roof Carport
18x20 regular carport
18×20 Regular Carport
22x30 boxed eave carport
22×30 Boxed Eave Carport
22x20 vertical carport
22×20 Vertical Carport

Advantages of Getting a Two-Car Carport

The benefits of buying a two-car carport for sale from Alan’s include:

  • Reliable protection for vehicles and other equipment
  • Not having to wait for your sweltering vehicle to cool down in the summer
  • Not having to scrape ice and snow off of your car in the winter
  • Great value for your money
  • Hassle-free installation

Uses for a Metal Two-Car Carport

A carport for two cars can have so many more uses than car storage alone. Many people use their carport as a convenient sheltered pavilion for picnic tables during family gatherings. Carports can shelter more than cars, too. Many people use a carport to store equipment like lawnmowers and snow blowers, canoes, kayaks, gardening equipment, and other outdoor items.

Watch our full Video Guide about Two-Car Carports

How Wide Is a Two-Car Carport?

Choose a two-car carport for sale that’s at least 20 feet wide to ensure that you’ll have enough space for both vehicles. It’s a good idea to measure the widths of your vehicles before you make your purchase, just to make sure your new carport will be big enough. At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we make regular and extra-wide carports to suit any need.

How Much Does a Two-Car Carport Cost?

Prices for a two-car carport start at a little more than $2,500, although the cost of your specific carport will vary depending on the dimensions, roof style, and other customizations you choose. Our convenient carport builder can help you estimate the cost of the carport you’re looking for.

How Can You Customize Two-Car Carport Kits?

When you order a carport from us, you can choose the roof style, the color, the dimensions, whether you want to fully or partially enclose your carport, and any doors or windows you might require. You can also choose a certified carport package if you need your structure to withstand especially high winds or heavy snow loads.

With Alan’s Factory Outlet, you need never wonder, “Where can I find a good two-car carport for sale near me?” Whatever you’re looking for in a carport, we can make it happen at a reasonable price. Place your order today!

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