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18×20 Regular Roof Carport

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The leg height is the side wall height of the carport or metal garage. If you are looking for the center height clearance you can type in “center height clearance” in the ask a question on the bottom right of the page or you can always call or email with any questions.

14 Gauge is the standard tubing used on the framing of the metal buildings, it is 2 1/2″ square tubing.

The optional thicker 12 gauge tubing is 2 1/4″ square tubing.

Framing on the 12 gauge tubing come with a 20 year rust through warranty.

The metal carports & metal garages come standard with 29 GA galvanized steel sheet metal. 26 GA galvanized steel sheet metal, which is a thicker option, is available as an upgrade for an additional fee.

Select the type of level surface you will provide. The level surface must be provided by the customer and we will install and anchor to the selected surface. The site must be level or no more than 3 to 4 inches off level.

Alan’s Factory Outlet metal carports and metal garages come standard Certified 140 mph & 35 psf. The certified carports and metal buildings comes with blue print drawings which are rated for 140 mph wind and 35 psf snow load. The drawings are usually emailed to you upon your request within approximately 2 to 3 business days after you review and approve and sign your order.

All 16 different colors are available for the same price and the color does not affect the delivery time. The roof sheeting is 29 gauge.

All 16 different colors are available for the same price and the color does not affect the delivery time. The trim color is the color on the ends.

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About Our 18x20 Carport

Get factory-direct pricing on a quality 18x20 metal carport with optional sides. This model can fit two cars if you don’t mind a very tight fit, or you can use it for one car or truck and have extra covered space for a motorcycle, ATV, lawnmower, or other equipment.

When you order your metal carport from Alan’s Factory Outlet you get:

  • Transparent, factory-direct pricing
  • Easy online ordering
  • Free delivery and installation
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
Product Description Specifications

This model is available in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, southern Illinois, Indiana, eastern Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

If you need a building in Florida, Maryland, Ohio, or Pennsylvania, use our 3D Builder to customize and order your carport.

Unfortunately we are not able to ship to any areas outside of our service area.

How to Order your Carport

Once you know the size of carport you need for your vehicle, the rest is simple:

  1. Select your configuration options
  2. Place your order with a small, refundable deposit
  3. Get a permit
  4. Prepare your site and foundation
  5. Get free delivery and installation

How We Save You Money

The first way we save you money is by giving you factory-direct pricing on our carports.

The second way we save you money is with a cost-saving delivery method.

Some manufacturers send a whole truck to your house just to deliver a single carport kit. That adds a lot to the price of their carports! Our carports are delivered and installed on cost-effective local delivery routes. This allows us to pass on big savings to you and offer free delivery and installation. As a trade-off, you will need to wait until there are enough orders in your general area to schedule a delivery route. Most customers find the wait is well worth the extra savings.

How Long Does It Take?

Because deliveries are scheduled in batches to save you a lot of money, it could take anywhere from several weeks to several months after your site is ready before your carport is installed.

We wish we could give you a specific date in advance, but the only way we can keep our prices so low and offer free delivery and installation is to have our deliveries done in groups.

In order to get your carport as soon as possible, it is best to place your order and apply for a permit as soon as you can, so your order can get into the next delivery group.

After you place your order, you can cancel for any reason before your carport has been delivered and get a full refund of your deposit. If you need a carport soon, you can get the ball rolling now, knowing that you can always change your mind later and get a quick and hassle-free refund.

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Why Get Your 18×20 Carport from Alan?

Factory-Direct Prices

When we say “factory-direct,” we mean it. The carports we sell come straight from the factory to your house, and we don’t add any extra fees to the factory prices. Since there aren’t any unnecessary layers of people in the middle between you and the factory, our prices are as low as they can be.

Free Delivery and Installation on All Orders

You heard it right! We don’t charge anything for delivery or installation. The price you see when you check out is the price you pay for your carport.

Simple Online Process

If you have been shopping for a carport for a while, you know that a lot of sellers require you to call them in order to get pricing information or to place an order. We let you shop the way you want. If you like to do everything online, you can do everything online. If you prefer to call us, that is fine too.

Real Customer Service

Hi! I’m Alan, the owner of Alan’s Factory Outlet. My goal is to help you get the carport you need at a great price, without any worries or headaches.

If you need any assistance at all, I have a wonderful team that is happy to answer any questions you have.

There are two easy ways to get in touch. You can use our contact form to send us a message, and we will reply by email or phone as soon as we can. Or you can call us Monday to Friday, 9 Am to 5 PM Eastern at 1-800-488-6903.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to be completely satisfied with your carport purchase. If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy either. So if anything comes up, or if your plans change, don’t worry about it. We’ve got you covered with a quick and easy full refund of your deposit up until the day your carport is delivered. So you can place your order with complete confidence that if you change your mind for any reason, you won’t be out any money with nothing to show for it.

Customize Your Carport Now

About Your 18×20 Carport

This 18×20 carport can cover most cars, SUVs, trucks, and similar vehicles. The roof extends an extra six inches on the front and back of the carport, giving your vehicle a little extra protection from the weather.

If you have a truck that is more than 17 feet long, we recommend choosing a longer carport.

Can I Park Two Cars under an 18×20 Carport?

Yes, but it is a very tight fit, and you will probably dent your doors eventually. For two cars, we recommend a carport that is at least 20 feet wide.

18×20 carport illustration

How to Choose Your Height

You will probably want to make your side height about one foot taller than your tallest vehicle. That way you will have plenty of clearance for parking, and your car will also get the maximum protection from the weather. Don’t forget to consider antennae, car-top carriers, future vehicle purchases, and clearance for your head too!

18×20 Carport with Sides

For additional protection from rain, wind, and snow, you can add side panels to your carport. We have several options from three-foot side panels to full-length panels.


We have 16 different colors available.

metal building colors


Width (including frame)18’
Length (including frame)20’ (roof overhangs an additional 6” in front and back)
HeightCustom, up to 16’
Frame14 or 12 gauge steel studs
Frame width2.5” (14 gauge), 2.25” (12 gauge)
Roofing and Siding29 or 26 gauge steel sheeting
Roof Pitch3:12
Center Brace Clearance (approx.)2’ 9” above side height
Gabel clearance (for closed gables)About 3” less than the side height
Peak Height (approx.)3’ 3” above side height


  • Wind: 140 miles per hour
  • Snow: 35 pounds per square foot


  • 1-year craftsmanship warranty
  • 20-year rust-through warranty on 12-gauge frames
  • 20-year rust-through warranty on roof panels


Get free delivery and installation on all orders.

Common Questions about an 18×20 Carport

Can this be attached to my house?

No. We need at least three feet of space on every side of the carport in order to install it.

What kind of foundation do I need?

You can install it on the ground, gravel, asphalt, or concrete. Most people use gravel because it is very affordable.

We need to know what your foundation will be so we can bring the right kind of anchors (we will provide the anchors, you don’t need to). If you choose to pour a concrete foundation, the foundation should be a foot longer and a foot wider than the carport, so the concrete bolts we use to attach the carport to the concrete won’t crack the edges of your foundation.

Your foundation needs to be within three inches of level for us to install the carport without cutting the legs. If you can’t make your site level, please contact us to discuss it before placing your order.

My country requires plans for a permit, can you provide them?

Yes, we can provide you with standard engineered plans within a few days after you place your order. If you have any trouble getting a permit, we can give you a full refund of your deposit.

Benefits of an 18×20 Carport

An 18×20 carport has a lot of room to cover your car, truck, and even a motorbike or some yard equipment. If you only use it for a single vehicle, you can park right in the middle, and get excellent protection from all types of severe. Just keeping your car out of the hot sun and away from damaging UV rays will go a long way to extending the life of your vehicle. A carport also keeps your car or truck partially protected from extreme temperatures. During the day, the shade of the carport helps keep your car cool. During the night, the cover traps some warm air and can prevent frost from forming on your car.

If you live in an area with lots of trees, this 18×20 carport can keep leaves, needles, and pine cones off your car, and keep pollen to a minimum.

On hot summer days you can transform your 18×20 carport into a shaded area for a picnic or other outdoor events. Some of our customers have even hosted weddings and other parties under a carport!

An 18×20 metal carport is thousands of dollars less than a garage, and provides many of the same benefits. If you partially enclose it with some side-panels and close gables, you get even more protection. Some people prefer a carport over a garage because it is easier to disassemble and move to another location.

Unlike a garage, you don’t need to worry about critters making a home under your carport–but you can use it as a shelter for your dogs, horses, or other outdoor animals that need a little extra shelter.

More Questions?

If you have any questions we didn’t answer on this page, please visit our FAQ page to get answers or to contact us for help.

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