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30×30 Metal Building/Garage/Shop for Sale (+ Cost with Slab)

Our 30×30 metal buildings make a great garages, shops, and pole barns. Prices start at $8,585 + the cost of a concrete slab (see below). Use our garage cost calculator to get an exact price for your metal building.

Design and Price Your Metal Building

Design and Price Your Metal Building Go to Cost Calculator

Purchasing a 30×30 metal building is a smart long-term investment. Custom-built metal garages and other steel buildings are often cited by architects and design professionals as great ways to improve your property’s overall appeal and it’s been shown that adding a 30 by 30 metal carport or garage can raise your property’s value.

Due to the dimensions of these 30 x 30 buildings and the sizable storage space they contain, potential buyers of your property will take great interest in all the opportunities these buildings offer. While our open carports are great storage spaces in and of themselves, you should also take into consideration the added security and protection from the elements that an enclosed garage can provide. Either way, at Alan’s Factory Outlet, you can buy a high-quality 30×30 garage or carport at a low price and get free delivery and installation included!

One of the best features offered by our 30×30 metal buildings is their high level of customizability. Each building offers a wide variety of features that you can tailor to suit your exact needs. If, for example, you require more natural light in your workspace, we give you the opportunity to place windows wherever you’d like. Or, if you have large equipment or vehicles you need regular access to, you can select custom dimensions that will allow for easier storage and retrieval. Use our 3D builder tool and you’ll see how simple it is to design the perfect 30×30 metal building for your needs!

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At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we make ordering and purchasing your new, high-quality 30×30 garage kit simple. Our online store offers a wide range of customizable metal buildings at great prices that you can customize to serve exactly the purpose you need. Whether it’s adjusting the dimensions, adding doors or windows, or even just picking out a color for the building and its trim, we make it easy for you to design your very own 30 x 30 metal garage. If you need help, just give us a call: We’d be glad to help you turn your plans for the perfect metal building into reality! And once you order one of our garage kits or prefab buildings, we’ll also provide free delivery and professional installation. If your metal building is being placed on a concrete slab, just make sure it’s properly prepared and we’ll handle the rest. Call now to get started on a 30 by 30 building that’s sure to meet your storage needs!

A beige 30x30 shop building with burgundy trim, an open, oversized garage door, and a white walk-in door

How Much Does it Cost to Build a 30×30 Garage?

Regular Roof$8,585
Vertical Roof$9,735

A fully enclosed 30×30 metal building with 8′ to 9′ tall sides and a 9×8 garage door would cost somewhere between $8,585 and $9,735, depending on which roof style you select for your 30×30 garage. However, you also have to factor in other optional features you may choose, such as doors and windows. Walk-in doors would cost an extra $225, and windows cost between $170-$200 each.

A 30x30 blue metal garage with multiple doors and windows

Cost of a Concrete Slab for a 30×30 Metal Building

A 30×30 concrete slab is 900 square feet. Local slab prices vary a lot depending on the local cost of labor. Using an average cost of $8 per square feet gives an approximate cost of $7,200. Unfortunately we don’t do concrete work ourselves, so you’ll need to hire a local contractor for your foundation. You can use our concrete pad size calculator to determine the right size of concrete slab for a metal building ordered from Alan’s Factory Outlet.

Order Your 30×30 Metal Building Today

Ordering a custom 30 × 30 metal building from Alan’s Factory Outlet is a smart purchase and wise long-term investment. Each one of our various metal buildings is durably built and an incredible value. No matter which metal building for sale you’re considering, it can be custom built in the style and size you require. Whether you need an extra-large multi-bay metal garage with added clearance for RVs or just a simple storage shed, you’re in the right spot! All of our metal building orders offer free delivery and installation, but you can also select a metal building kit you can construct yourself if you prefer. Either way, you’ll get a high-quality metal building at the best possible price. Place your order today and see for yourself why we’re America’s top supplier of metal garages and storage buildings!

Design and Price Your Metal Building

Design and Price Your Metal Building Go to Cost Calculator
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