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Insulation Options

There are two types of insulation available for our metal buildings: Double Bubble insulation for moisture control, and Woven R17 insulation for moisture and temperature control. The Woven R17 insulation is thicker than Double Bubble insulation and provides an R-value of R17.

Woven R17 insulation (left) and Double Bubble insulation (right)

Double Bubble Insulation

double bubble metal building insulation
Photo of double bubble insulation

Double Bubble insulation has a silver backing that goes against the sheeting on the building. The other side of the insulation (the side you see) is white. Double Bubble insulation is primarily used to control moisture. It prevents condensation on the inside surfaces of the building. It does not provide much temperature control.

The cost of the insulation is $1.50 per sq. ft. of wall and roof area to be covered.

Woven 17 Insulation for Metal Buildings

Woven R17 insulation is a combination of aluminum foil, bubble material, and woven material.

  • Thickness: 17.475 mil – .688″
  • Roll Size: 4′ x 98′
  • Weight: 45.04 lbs per roll
  • Reflectivity: 97%
woven 17 metal garage insulation
Photo of woven R17 insulation

The Woven R17 insulation, which has an R-value of 17, is the better option for controlling the temperature in your metal building.

The cost of the insulation is $3.00 per sq. ft. of wall and roof area to be covered.

40' wide metal building with insulation
30′ wide regular style metal garage with insulation
metal garage insulation
steel building insulation
Vertical style metal building with Woven 17 insulation
metal building insulation on vertical roof
Woven 17 insulation on vertical roof steel building
metal building insulation on side walls
Insulation on side wall of metal building

Please use our 3D Building Designer to calculate the cost of insulation for your garage or metal building.

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