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Steel & Metal Carports in Indiana

Carports can protect your vehicles from storms and sunlight alike. They are usually comprised of a frame and a covering and are a more economical option than adding on to your garage. The main advantage that metal carports have over their wood and canvas counterparts is that they do not deteriorate as fast. Metal is not susceptible to damage from termites and also warping and dry rot. Carports made of metal also are less prone to damage in the case of fires.

metal carports in indiana

Metal carports in Indiana are delivered and setup for an easy year round turn-key solution to help protect your car, truck, farm equipment, boat, rv motor home or to give yourself that workshop you’ve been looking for. The Indiana carports are built with the steel tubing 4′ on center to give you a carport that is stronger. They are also fully braced.

There are a variety of choices available when it comes to metal carports. Aluminum and steel are the popular choices. A good metal carport can be made of aluminum panels with steel posts or of galvanized steel with a zinc coating. Steel is inexpensive and durable which increases its popularity. But it is heavier than aluminum and suitable for permanent carports. Indiana weather will never be a worry again once you have a carport to store your vehicle in. Metal carports are quite versatile and are suitable for cars, vans, trailers, ATVs, snowmobiles, and boats alike. You can also have light fixtures to the carport if you so wish.

Steel carports are custom built in the height starting out in either 5′ or 6′ legs depending on the style carport in Indiana and going as tall as 12′ legs in one foot increments. The 12′ legs make great RV carports. Indiana residents will never again have to worry about inclement weather and can protect their vehicles and RVs with carports.

The carports installed in Indiana are made in your choice of 13 different colors so the carport matches your home. There are all kinds of ways you can configure the Indiana carports.­­ Indiana residents can ensure that Alan’s Factory Outlet will offer a carport that will match the exterior décor of their homes.

Almost all surfaces are suitable for placing a carport on including grass. The carports Alan’s Factory Outlet has are available in various sizes and can house two cars or even an RV or a camper. While small carports might have just six legs, bigger ones will have eight or ten.

Metal carports with thick frames are ideal in cold weather conditions as they are bound to be sturdier. The advantage that metal carports have is that they are lightweight and make for easy installation. Quite a few of them offer portable variants which make it easy to move them as per the homeowner’s convenience. Carports made from metal also require minimum maintenance as compared to those made of wood and other materials.

Trims and back enclosures are some options that may or may not be able with metal carports. Back enclosures are used to close off an end of the carport as protection from wind and adverse weather.

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