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Buying Durable Metal Garages in Florida

Here are some popular sizes we sell (click for details and pricing):

Having a safe place to organize your valuables is a must for Florida homeowners from Naples to Jacksonville. Every year, this state experiences harsh weather that threatens or destroys personal property, and well-built metal buildings in Florida protect vehicles, yard equipment, and other valuables from such inclement weather. If you’re in the market for a durable garage kit, you can count on Alan’s Factory Outlet. We can help you get the best steel building for your needs at a great price. And better yet, delivery and setup of Florida sheds are free, whether you live in Tampa, Ocala, Pensacola, Jacksonville, or Naples.

These versatile buildings are used for storage, as garages, or even as residential steel buildings. Florida residents can make these structures their own with our many options.

For our customers in Florida, steel buildings are fully customizable, from the garage size and color to the roof style. Get the affordable steel garages Florida properties need as well as great service when you shop with Alan’s Factory Outlet!

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Price and Design Your Metal Building or Garage

Price and Design Your Metal Building or Garage Customize Now

Safe, Sturdy Garage Kits

We understand the concern many have about the durability of Florida metal buildings, but you won’t have to worry when you buy with us. When purchasing our metal garages, Florida residents can be assured of their sturdiness. Each of our metal garages in Florida includes:

  • Multiple anchoring options: Choose mobile home anchors or cement anchors.
  • Durability that’s certified for 150-mph winds, with the option to upgrade to 180-mph certification
  • 14-gauge steel tubing; upgrade to 12-gauge tubing to get a 20-year warranty
  • 26-gauge roof

Customize Steel Buildings in Florida

With our customizable garage kits, Florida residents can choose the roofline, size, color, and window and door placements that best suit their needs. Customization options for our steel buildings in Florida include:

  • Three different roof styles (regular, boxed-eave, or vertical)
  • Horizontal, vertical, or lap siding
  • Huge array of sizes
  • Choice of number and placement of windows and doors

Alan’s Factory Outlet also offers a choice of more than a dozen different colors for the roof, sides, ends, and trim of their metal garages. Florida residents have many different color choices available because we know that residents often want the look of their garage to match the rest of the property! We know steel buildings in Florida have to be versatile because there are so many different areas and types of properties in this large and diverse state.

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“A boxed-eave steel garage in Florida”

Metal garages make a great place to protect your boat or car from the hot Florida sun.

steel garages florida 2 car garages fl

“A boxed-eave metal 2-car garage: Numerous custom sizes are available”

regular style metal garage florida

“A regular-style metal garage in Florida” 

How Much Are Prefab Steel Buildings in Florida?

The prices of Florida metal buildings will depend on the dimensions, the style of roof, and any other customizations, but the base price is between $3,055 and $8,325. In Central Florida, steel buildings may require totally different dimensions and materials than what someone chooses in Naples, for example. Our highly customizable buildings create a lot of variance in price, so please check out our price guides to learn more.

Get Fast, Convenient Delivery of Metal Buildings

We offer free delivery and setup of our steel buildings in Florida, including these locations:

  • Naples
  • Volusia
  • Ocala
  • Jacksonville
  • Orlando
  • Tampa
  • Pensacola
  • Bradenton
  • Summerfield
  • Fort Myers
  • Brooksville

Florida Metal Garage Site Preparation

Once you’ve prepared your concrete pad, you’ll have your new structure up and running in no time, thanks to our efficient installation service. But what size pad do you need? Typically, you should make your pad the same width as the metal building you order, but it should be one foot shorter in length since there is a 6-inch overhang on the front and back ends of each building. For instance, for 12×21 steel buildings, customers should prepare a 12×20 concrete pad.

Of course, if you’d like, you can choose to have your new steel building anchored to the ground instead of a concrete pad. Alan’s Factory Outlet metal buildings in Florida can be secured to the pad using cement anchors, but you can also opt for mobile home anchors if you don’t want to use a concrete pad. These anchors help make steel buildings in Florida more stable in windy conditions.

florida mobile home anchors
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Do I Need a Permit for a Metal Garage?

You will most likely need a permit to install a metal garage in Florida, but it depends on your local zoning laws. For example, a metal garage in Florida may require different certified wind ratings than southern Florida counties or coastal counties. Check with your local officials to find out what is required to put up new metal buildings in Florida for your specific county.

Call or order online today and you’ll see why so many people turn to us when they need a metal garage in FL. We offer the best prices on sturdy, customizable prefab structures and garage kits, and we also pride ourselves on our excellent service: We can help you place your order, provide free delivery, and set up your metal buildings.

Florida residents from Ocala to Key West to Jacksonville to Tampa to Pensacola and beyond have trusted us for years with their extra storage needs, and you should, too. Let us help you get just the right storage solution for your property today with metal buildings in Florida, installed, and delivered with care!

We are excited to offer custom metal buildings and carports for delivery in many areas of the U.S. Popular service areas we deliver to include:

Price and Design Your Metal Building or Garage

Price and Design Your Metal Building or Garage Customize Now

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