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Carport Security: 16 Tips to Stop Thieves

Carport protected by a security camera.

Introduction to Carport Security

Carports are well-known for protecting prized possessions like vehicles, equipment, and bikes from the elements. But can your carport also protect your valuables from burglars? The answer depends on the carport security measures you take. Just like a home can have a security system to defend against thieves, so can your carport. 

In this practical guide, I’ll share with you the best methods I’ve found for setting up an effective carport security system. Whether you’re looking to get a new carport or already own one, we’ll explore how you can best safeguard the valuable items it shelters. 

Also, if you’re deciding whether to get a carport or a garage and considering the costs and benefits of each, this guide can help you choose. 

Enhancing Carport Security for Peace of Mind

As most carports are partially enclosed, they can’t protect against thieves. Even fully enclosed steel carports—while far more secure than other carport types—are not completely burglar-proof. Fortunately, comprehensive carport security measures can do a lot to prevent intruders.

This guide covers both basic and advanced carport security ideas and methods—and you may not want or need to apply all of them. However, increasing your efforts could create greater security for your belongings—and greater peace of mind. Carport security is a natural extension of home security and can provide an extra layer of protection, so it’s well worth the effort. 

Understanding How a Burglar Thinks and Operates

items a burglar might use to break into a carport

Tip #1: Knowledge of Burglary Techniques

Our first carport security tip is to get educated about burglary techniques so you can stay one step ahead of thieves. Start by considering the burglar’s mindset and common tactics, such as:

  • Taking advantage of a general lack of carport security measures: Most carports don’t come with security systems, so a thief may assume it’s easy to steal from them. (But in the case of your carport, you can prove them wrong!)
  • Attempting to steal in the dark or if your carport isn’t visible: Light and visibility repel thieves. If your carport is unlit, located at a fair distance from your home, or hidden from your or your neighbor’s view, this appeals to burglars.
  • Using brute force and other techniques to break in: Even with fully enclosed metal carports and garages, burglars may use tools to cut through the door or walls. Note: This is far more difficult to do with steel compared to a softer metal like aluminum.
  • Exploiting automatic carport doors or garage doors: Thieves know how to open doors from the outside. Tech-savvy burglars can even hack into automatic door openers.

Now let’s review preventive measures you can take to stop burglars from targeting your carport.

Carport Security for Maximum Protection: Cameras, Locks, Alarm Systems, and More 

Tip #2: Security Cameras

an outdoor security camera

Security cameras can be a powerful way to stop burglars in their tracks. Consider installing a high-quality surveillance camera system that covers the wider area around your carport. When installing security cameras, make sure they are visible to potential intruders and cover all possible entry points. 

Modern security cameras can provide live video feeds to your smartphone or other devices. This means you can monitor your carport remotely in real time.

Tip #3: Heavy-Duty Locks, Chains, and Anchors

a chain with a closed padlock on it

Heavy-duty padlocks and chains can be used to secure valuable items within your carport. For the best protection, always choose high-quality, tamper-resistant locks from reputable brands. Keep in mind: Simple padlocks can be easily picked, but a robust combination padlock presents a significant challenge to potential thieves.

You can also use an anchor to secure items within an open carport. It’s a security device that includes features like steel looped cable, a heavy-duty padlock, and long screws that can be installed into a concrete base using a masonry drill bit to offer an additional layer of security for your belongings.

Tip #4: Alarm Systems with Motion Sensors

alarm system components

One of the most effective ways to increase your carport’s security is to install an alarm system. High-quality alarm systems alert you to any unauthorized entry or access attempts so you can take immediate action. Better yet, modern alarm systems can be remotely controlled and monitored, providing even more security.

Effective alarm systems include motion sensors that detect movement in and around your carport and trigger an audible alarm. They can also notify you (and a professional monitoring service if you have one) via phone, text, or mobile app.

Tip #5: Motion Sensor Lights

outdoor motion sensor light

Since burglars like to work in the dark, installing exterior lighting—including motion sensor lights—is crucial. Floodlights with motion sensors detect movement and trigger a bright, blinding light that floods the area to startle and scare away intruders. Much like security cameras, just seeing them may be enough to stop thieves from approaching.  

Install motion sensor lights to cover all corners of your carport, leaving no opportunity for burglars to hide. Choose energy-efficient, long-lasting LED lights and consider automating them with timers or smartphone apps for extra control.

Tip #6: Security Grilles or Bars and Signage

metal security grille locked with padlock

Installing security grilles or bars on the windows and vents of enclosed carports can also provide a strong physical barrier against intruders. They’re particularly useful in carports that have large windows or multiple entry points. 

Also, placing visible security signs or stickers around your carport (stating it’s monitored and protected) can discourage potential thieves.

Tip #7: Gates and Enclosures

closed metal gate securing entry

Installing a gate at your carport’s entrance can prevent unauthorized access—especially if it’s made of metal and equipped with secure locks. For further security, you can partially or fully enclose your carport with walls and doors. We’ll discuss this more in the advanced carport security section. 

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in getting a partially or fully enclosed carport or garage with walls, doors, and even windows, you’re in the right place. You may want to explore our popular metal carport options and our more secure metal garage options.

Factors Impacting Carport Security: Building Materials, Driveway Security, and Beyond

items that could be used to break into a carport

Tip #8: Break-In Resistant Building Materials

Investing in carports made of high-quality building materials can greatly increase the security of your carport. High-quality, sturdy materials such as steel or solid wood are more resistant to break-ins than thin metal siding or plastic. This is part of why we only sell metal carports and metal garages that are made of American steel and manufactured in the USA

If you’re interested in getting a metal carport, use our handy calculator below to get an instant price based on the roof style and frame size you want. Then, you can customize your carport to be partially enclosed or fully enclosed with a door or doors—and make it as secure as you want from the start.

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Tip #9: Driveway Security

fenced in outdoor home area

A great first line of defense to keeping your carport secure is keeping your driveway secure. Some ways to do that include:

  • Putting up fences or gates at the entrance of your driveway as a physical barrier.
  • Installing security cameras to monitor your driveway as well as your carport.
  • Using gravel as a noisy surface to alert you to approaching vehicles and intruders.
  • Trimming hedges, bushes, and trees near the driveway to eliminate potential hiding spots.

Tip #10: Carport Location and Visibility

metal carport with parked car underneath in front of home

Your carport’s location can also affect its security. Having your carport within the line of sight of your house, street, and neighboring homes can prevent burglars from approaching. If they assume they can be easily spotted, they’ll probably think twice before attempting to steal.

On that note, seeing a well-maintained landscape around your carport can also discourage thieves as it helps your carport be seen. Keeping large trees and shrubs trimmed so your carport is clearly visible from the street can help your neighbors or passers-by to spot suspicious activity more easily.

Tip #11: Carport Maintenance and Inspection

person writing on a clipboard

Regularly maintaining and inspecting your carport—particularly its doors and windows if it has them—can reveal potential vulnerabilities and help you maintain its security. Also, periodically inspect your security devices such as surveillance cameras, lights, and alarms to make sure they’re functioning properly.

Advanced Carport Security: Steel Carport Doors, Modern Door Openers, and Other Tips

fully enclosed two-car metal carport

Tip#12: Enclose Your Carport and Add a Garage Door

If you currently have a partially enclosed, open-air carport, consider fully enclosing it with walls and adding a garage door. Metal walls and doors made of steel provide optimal protection. (Note that we don’t offer a service to enclose an existing carport with walls and add a door. This may be something you can do yourself or hire a contractor to do.)

Depending on your situation, it might be easier to order a new custom metal carport or garage that’s fully enclosed and can include doors and windows. That way your garage is a little more secure

Tip#13: Beware of Door Break-in Tactics

A carport or garage door—such as a manual steel roll-up door or automatic garage door—can increase security. But keep in mind, burglars still have ways to break in. Some use a wire hook to sneak in and pull the emergency release mechanism in automatic doors to open them. Adding a zip tie to the emergency release prevents this.

In addition, tech-savvy thieves may be able to hack into automatic door openers—especially older models that lack encryption features like rolling code technology. You can increase carport door and garage door security with the tips here and just below.

Tip#14: Use Modern Carport Door Openers 

A modern carport door opener includes advanced security features such as rolling code technology and encryption to prevent hacking attempts. These openers generate a new code every time you use the remote, making it nearly impossible for hackers to gain unauthorized access. 

Some models also offer keyless entry systems that eliminate the risk of lost or stolen remotes. There are also smart carport door openers that provide remote monitoring and control via smartphone apps. 

Tip#15: Keep Remote Control Clickers Safe

Avoid leaving remote control clickers inside parked vehicles or visible through the windows as they can be easily stolen. In fact, make sure remotes are hidden from sight wherever you keep them. 

When you’re not using them, store clickers in a secure place such as a locked drawer or safe box. Regularly check that all clickers are accounted for to help prevent unauthorized use. Also, consider using keychain door openers that are less likely to be misplaced. 

Tip#16: Enhance Carport Window Security 

If your carport has windows, prevent outsiders from peeking in by applying tinted security window film and installing window covers. This can increase privacy and protection and deter burglars. For greater protection, choose heavy-duty, impact-resistant materials that can withstand attempted break-ins. 

Make sure to properly install security film and window covers for maximum effectiveness.

Carport Security and Insurance

woman sitting at desk with a pen and clipboard talking to another person sitting across

Carport security goes beyond protecting your vehicle and valuables from theft—it also contributes to the overall security of your home. In addition, having a carport can increase your property’s value. 

On that note, while homeowners’ insurance often covers structures like garages, you may wonder: Is a carport covered by homeowners’ insurance? The answer depends on the insurance provider and their policy. 

However, according to Forbes, many homeowners’ insurance policies cover carports. Check with your insurance agent to understand precisely what your policy covers.

Customize a Secure Metal Carport 

I hope this guide has inspired you to make your current or future carport safer for your vehicle and valuables. By acting on the carport security tips provided, you can transform your carport into a secure haven for your possessions—and a high-value asset in and of itself. Plus, you’ll have greater peace of mind.

While the open structure of a partially enclosed carport causes security concerns, there are effective ways to make it burglar-deterrent. Even so, you might prefer to get a fully enclosed metal carport or garage because of the increased security they offer. 

Our metal carports and metal garages are fully customizable and made in the USA of American steel. This means they are more break-in resistant and can last decades—all while providing sturdy and secure shelter for your belongings.

Profile picture of Alan Bernau Jr

Alan Bernau Jr

Alan Bernau Jr. is the founder and owner of Alan’s Factory Outlet. He has helped more than 75,000 homeowners design and install custom carports and garages over the last 20 years.

Alan Bernau Jr. is the founder and owner of Alan’s Factory Outlet. He has helped more than 75,000 homeowners design and install custom carports and garages over the last 20 years.

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