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18 Carport Accessories to Maximize Your Carport’s Benefits

Inside view of an organized carport

Did you know there are lots of carport accessories and carport options you can use to enhance your carport’s appearance and functionality? In this guide, we’ll show you 18 popular carport accessories that can help you get the most out of your carport.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover a wide range of carport accessories to meet your specific needs—from increasing weather resistance to using your carport as a workspace.
  • Learn about specific carport accessories that can improve your carport’s stability, security, storage capacity, and more.
  • Identify which carport accessories you may want to use to enhance your carport’s functionality and appearance.

Now let’s explore the different categories and specific examples of popular carport accessories and carport add-ons. 

Carport Accessories for Weather Resistance, Vehicle Protection, and More

Construction crew working on a metal building

#1 Gutter System for the Roof

Gutter systems for carports manage and control the flow of rainwater to reduce the risk of water-related damage. They route rainwater away from your carport’s entry points to protect the valuable items your carport shelters. Gutters also stop water from pouring off the edges of the roof—soaking you as you walk underneath and potentially damaging your landscaping. 

Moreover, gutter systems help protect the foundation of your carport by directing water away, preventing pooling water that could cause costly structural damage.

#2 Side Panels

Side panels for carports—often referred to as siding—are an excellent carport add-on that can enhance your carport’s protection and functionality. These panels can shield your vehicles from direct sun exposure, rain, and wind to help maintain their appearance and extend their lifespan.

Aside from vehicle protection, side panels can also transform your carport into a protected storage space, a workshop, or even an outdoor lounge area. They can also provide structural support to lightweight buildings and prevent them from racking.

#3 Enclosure Kits

Enclosure kits for carports are additional upgrades that can be applied to existing carport structures to further enhance their protective capabilities. They provide walls and a door for your carport, essentially converting it into a garage or an enclosed storage space.

Enclosure kits offer increased protection from weather-related damage, shielding your vehicle from severe or harmful elements such as UV rays, rain, wind, and snow. They also increase security for your vehicle and any other valuables you keep in your carport.

In addition, fully enclosing your carport can transform it into a multi-purpose space, such as a workshop, adding value to your property.

If you’re interested in getting a partially or fully enclosed metal carport, use our handy calculator below to get an instant price based on the roof style and frame size you want. Then, you can customize your carport to be partially enclosed or fully enclosed (making it into a garage).

Instantly Price Your Metal Carport

Carport Roof Style
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12 X 21 Vertical Metal Carport

Depending on doors, windows, height, and other add ons

Carport Accessories for Appearance and Lighting

A metal carport surrounded by trees

#4 Landscaping

Landscaping for carports involves the strategic arrangement of plants and other elements around your carport to enhance its beauty. This could include planting trees or shrubs to provide additional shade, creating a pathway from the carport to your home for easy access, or adding decorative elements like flower beds or water fountains.

Well-designed landscaping around your carport can enhance the curb appeal of your property, and even make your carport blend seamlessly with your home’s architecture and the surrounding environment. This can help increase your property’s resale value.

#5 Emblems and Signage

Emblems and signage are great for adding a touch of personality or branding to your carport’s appearance. Emblems and signage can include well-known symbols like a Route 66 sign or Harley Davidson logo, or they can be custom created based on your design. 

Signage and emblems can be used to showcase your personal style or to represent your company or brand if the carport is part of a business. 

#6 LED Canopy Lights

LED canopy lights for carports provide bright, energy-efficient illumination at night. These lights are practical for both residential and industrial settings and come in various sizes to fit your ceiling height and space size. Canopy lights are:

  • Powerful sources of bright illumination, enhancing visibility and safety in your carport
  • Durable and designed to withstand the elements, making them perfect for outdoor carports
  • Energy-efficient, helping you save on electricity costs
  • Longer lasting compared to traditional lighting options, requiring less frequent replacement.

In short, canopy lights can significantly enhance the functionality and safety of your carport while also being a cost-effective and eco-friendly option.

#7 Skylights

A skylight with its window open

Skylights for carports are essentially windows installed on the roof of the carport, allowing natural light to enter the space. They enhance the beauty of your carport and can be customized to complement your home.

In addition, skylights provide natural lighting, which reduces the need for artificial lights and conserves energy, saving money on electric bills. Also, the natural sunlight that skylights allow through acts as a disinfectant for toxins that develop in mildew. This can help to maintain a healthier environment in your carport.

#8 Solar Lights

Solar lights for carports are powered by solar energy, providing a cleaner and cost-effective alternative to grid-tied power. They are typically part of a solar carport lighting kit, which includes LED lights, solar panels, and a charge controller.

Solar lights use renewable solar energy, making them environmentally friendly while lowering electricity bills. Solar carport lighting is easy to install, requires little maintenance, and is immune to power failures. They ensure your carport will always be lit, even during a blackout. 

Carport Accessories for Security and Stability

Collage of various carport accessories including a security camera system, carport anchors, and a secure garage door

#9 Security System

A security system for carports includes a set of accessories designed to deter and prevent unauthorized access, theft, and vandalism. It typically includes things like security cameras, heavy-duty locks, an alarm system, and motion sensor lights.

A secure carport helps protect your vehicle and valuables from theft, increasing your peace of mind.

#10 Carport Anchors

Carport anchors secure the carport structure to the ground, and most carports come with them as part of the installation. However, you may want to add extra robust anchors onto your carport—especially if you live in an area with high winds or severe storms. The right carport anchors will ensure your carport always stays stable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. 

Popular carport anchor types include concrete anchors, mobile home anchors, and rebar anchors. You can choose the right one based on the ground type where your carport is installed. 

#11 Secure Garage Door

Construction crew building an enclosed metal carport that includes a roll-up garage door

Adding a garage door to your fully enclosed carport significantly boosts security. With a garage door, your vehicle and valuables are better protected against theft, break-ins, and pests, creating an extra layer of safety compared to an open-sided carport.

Popular choices for a secure carport or garage door include roll-up garage doors, sectional garage doors, automated garage doors, and more. You can also take additional steps to increase carport door and garage door security.

Depending on your security needs, you might want to order a new custom metal carport or garage that’s fully enclosed and can include doors and windows. 

Carport Accessories for Versatile Functionality: Storage, Work, and Leisure

Workshop with workbench, tools hanging on pegboard, and shelving containing other items

#12 Shelving Units

You can place freestanding shelving units in carports to organize and store items such as car parts, work tools, or outdoor supplies, making it easier to find things. Metal shelving offers the most support for heavy items. Also, wood shelving is a visually appealing choice. 

#13 Hooks, Hangers, and Hanging Racks

Hooks, hangers, and hanging racks are carport storage solutions that allow you to hang items vertically, maximizing the use of your space. Typically, these accessories can be attached to the frame of your carport and used to hang larger items such as bicycles or ladders that are less than 30 lbs, as well as smaller items. 

Heavy-duty hooks, hangers, and hanging racks made from steel provide extra strength and longevity. However, use caution before choosing this accessory, as carport frames aren’t engineered to bear weight beyond the carport’s structure. Make sure your carport is built of a sturdy material and that the items you hang there aren’t too heavy. 

#14 Tool Racks and Cabinets

A toolbox with multiple drawers with wrenches and socket wrenches inside

If you’d like your carport to double as a workspace, tool racks and cabinets can help you work on your projects in a more organized and efficient way. These additions keep your tools and supplies in a designated spot, ensuring they are easily accessible when you need them while reducing clutter. 

#15 Workbench

Adding a workbench is a great choice for DIY enthusiasts, woodworkers, and auto mechanics who want to use their carport as a workshop. It provides a stable platform where you can execute tasks such as cutting, sanding, or assembling without endangering nearby surfaces or creating a mess. They often come with built-in storage, allowing for greater organization and convenience.

#16 Outdoor Furniture

Interested in transforming your carport into an additional outdoor living space where you can relax or entertain guests? If so, adding outdoor furniture such as durable, weather-resistant chairs and a table can make this an affordable reality. Consider using eco-friendly poly furniture, which is made from recyclable plastic and known for its longevity, affordability, and ease of maintenance.

Carport Accessories for Sustainability

A metal carport with solar panels on the roof

#17 Solar Panels

Solar panels can be placed on sturdy carport roofs to generate renewable power directly from the sun. They provide a reliable source of solar energy that can significantly lower electricity bills and support an eco-friendly lifestyle. Make sure your carport is designed to bear the extra load of solar panels before considering this addition.

#18 EV Charging Station

If you have an electric vehicle (EV) or want to be able to accommodate guests with EVs, consider adding an EV charging station to your carport. It provides an easy, convenient, and sustainable way to charge EVs while keeping them sheltered.

What Are the Benefits of Carport Accessories?

A regular metal carport on a dirt driveway next to a building

Carports are typically open-sided with just a roof, leg posts, and no walls— although some are partially enclosed. While a carport offers reliable protection from elements such as sun, rain, hail, and snow, carport accessories and carport add-ons provide benefits such as:

  • Improved protection from severe weather, which you may need depending on your location
  • Enhanced appearance to add curb appeal and property value while increasing personal enjoyment
  • Greater stability and security to ensure your carport stays put and deters thieves from stealing the items it shelters
  • Increased functionality and versatility as an extra storage area, workspace, lounge area—or even as an EV charging station or solar power source

The types of carport accessories you choose will depend on the type of carport you have and the material it’s made of. Carports can be made from materials like metal, wood, and plastic. Metal is a popular choice of material for carport builds because of its sturdy, long-lasting nature. Finally, carports are known for being affordable. A good-quality steel carport can cost as low as $1,295

Customize Your Metal Carport with Add-Ons

I hope you now have some great ideas for how to get more functional benefits and enjoyment out of your carport. If you’re interested in getting a new metal carport for your property, check out the array of customizable styles and add-ons that we offer at Alan’s Factory Outlet. All our metal carports and metal garages are made in the USA of American steel, which means they’re built to last for decades. 

Use our easy online builder tool below to customize a carport or garage to your exact specifications. You can place your order with a small, fully refundable deposit. You’ll only pay the balance once your metal structure is installed. Plus, you’ll get free delivery and installation. 

Profile picture of Alan Bernau Jr

Alan Bernau Jr

Alan Bernau Jr. is the founder and owner of Alan’s Factory Outlet. He has helped more than 75,000 homeowners design and install custom carports and garages over the last 20 years.

Alan Bernau Jr. is the founder and owner of Alan’s Factory Outlet. He has helped more than 75,000 homeowners design and install custom carports and garages over the last 20 years.

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