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How Much Do Garage Doors Cost? 2024 Price Guide

The average cost of a new garage door in 2024 is around $1,200, where costs range from $735–$1,680. Material, size, design, customizations, and labor affect the total cost. In some cases, replacing a garage door is cheaper than repairing it.

view of a home with a new garage door

A fresh garage door can easily enhance the look of your property. A new garage door costs about $1,200, with prices ranging from $735–$1,680 depending on the size, labor, and customizations.

There are a variety of styles and sizes, each with their own costs. Before investing in a new garage door, it is important to understand the different types, cost factors, and how to budget for one.

In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know to choose the best garage door for your needs.

Cost Factors

There is more than meets the eye when deciding on a garage door style. Here are the most common cost factors to keep in mind for your purchase.

garage door cost factors

Door Material 

If you’re installing a garage door, the type of door material you choose can play a role in the building’s energy efficiency, maintenance, accessories, and overall garage cost. Listed below are popular garage door materials and what you can expect to pay for them: 

MaterialPrice Range
Faux wood$750–$1,600
Source: Bob Vila, Homewyse

Garage doors with higher prices usually have more durable materials, an enhanced finish, and extended warranties. 

Manual vs. Automatic

Upgrading to an automatic garage door comes with a range of benefits, such as convenience and strengthening your garage door security. The average cost of an automatic garage door opener is $430–$750 and includes installation. However, you should also account for the sensors, keypads, remotes, and any electrical work expenses. 


Installation fees generally run $160–$470, but quotes will vary depending on the time and complexity of the process. Additional tasks may include: 

  • Removing the existing door 
  • Resizing the entryway
  • Aligning and securing door tracks
  • Assembling door sections 
  • Installing spring and support cables 

If you’re hiring a professional contractor, they can provide estimates after an initial inspection. 


While a single garage door costs $735–$1,680, a double door can cost around $755–$1,710. Your garage size will determine the size of the garage door you need.

Garage Door SizeCost

The type of vehicle also influences the size door you’ll need. For example, the garage door sizes for RVs must have a clearance of at least ten feet, as opposed to eight feet for general cars and SUVs.


Decorative hardware such as handles and magnets are common accessories and generally less than $50—these help enhance a garage door design. More advanced customizations like windows can cost between $100 and $1,000 each depending on the style and specialty, such as frosted or shatterproof glass. 


To prevent drafts and high energy bills, it’s best to add insulation to the garage door. Insulated garage doors are more expensive than general doors, costing around $980–$2,050 per door. You can cut costs by adding in the insulation material yourself:

  • Bubble: $1.50 per sq.ft.
  • Woven: $3 per sq.ft.
  • Spray foam: $2.30–$7.20 per sq.ft.

Cost by Type

The type of garage door can strongly impact the design and vertical storage space inside. For example, doors that slide open horizontally may be better options for a garage with low ceilings, allowing more headway clearance. Below are a few popular door styles and their average costs:

  • Roll-up door: A traditional door that wraps up onto a mounted bar, helping maximize space. Roll-up doors are available in many different colors and materials. | $850–$1,420
  • Tilt-up door: This door is crafted from a single solid piece and swings outward toward the driveway to open. Tilt-up doors are also known as canopy-style doors. | $400–$700
  • Sectional door: A garage door that consists of multiple hinged panels that roll up on a track to the garage ceiling. Sectionals are available in different colors, patterns, and panel moldings. | $800–$1,000
  • Carriage door: A double-door entry that swings in and out, resembling traditional carriage house doors. They often feature windows, complementing their classic style.| $1,200–$1,790
  • French door: An upscale double-door entry, French doors open by pulling outward from the center. This style is less common for garages. | $1,600–$2,450
types of garage doors by price

Repair vs. Replacement

Sometimes, your garage door may only need simple repairs, which are more cost-effective than a full replacement.  While a full garage door replacement costs around $655 to $1,450, garage door repairs are much less expensive at around $95 to $290.

Regular maintenance, including concealing cracks, fixing the opener, and annual inspections, will help keep the door in good shape. However, depending on the door’s age, type of damage, or your design goals, replacing it entirely may be the better choice.

reasons to repair vs replace garage door

DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

If you’re experienced in home improvement projects, replacing a garage door yourself can save on labor costs. However, keep in mind that installing a garage door is not a one-person job, even for skilled DIYers. It’s best to have an extra set of hands to assist with the heavy lifting.

technician fixing a garage door

Challenging projects—such as adding a garage door to a carport—are best left to the experts. Even if the process seems simple, some doors have more complex procedures depending on the size, style, and weight. To ensure safe and proper installation, it’s best to hire a professional.

A professional installation team can:

  • Visit your property in advance to measure the garage entrance
  • Help you choose the right door size
  • Provide recommendations for energy efficiency
  • Assist in choosing the best material and styles within your budget

When considering a professional garage door installer, make sure they’re licensed. It’s also a good idea to ask about warranty offers and have them explain all up front costs for labor and materials. 

How to Save Money on Garage Door Costs

Here are a few ways you can cut garage door costs and save on the overall project:

DIY Some of the Work

You can purchase the door and all of the materials your contractor will need directly from the manufacturer. You can also add the door insulation and perform all of the general maintenance yourself.   

Avoid Unnecessary Additions

Consider having a simplistic door design and skip additional features like windows and smart technology that you can live without.

Get Multiple Quotes

Reach out to multiple garage door vendors about the styles and work specifications needed for your garage door project. This way, you’ll have an idea of what you’re saving and can choose the offer closest to your budget.

Perform Regular Maintenance 

Routine maintenance, such as inspecting for cracks and dents and replacing weather seals, can help prolong the door’s lifespan. To cover scratches or freshen up the look, you can repaint the garage door yourself instead of buying a replacement.

How to Choose the Best Garage Door

As with any home project, you want to choose a garage door that is within your budget. While there is no one-size-fits-all option, you can ask a local contractor the following questions to help select the best door for your needs:

  • Will upgrading from manual to automatic be the same price?
  • How much more will accessories cost with this style?
  • Which garage door styles offer the most value?
  • Do I need to resize the garage door?
  • What is the best type of material for a garage door where I live?
  • Which garage door style requires the least maintenance?
  • Do I need to have insulated garage doors in this region?
  • Do you offer a warranty or manufacturer discounts?
  • How long will it take to deliver and install new garage doors?
man opening garage door


Below are a few frequently asked questions to guide you through the garage door buying process.

How long does it take to replace a garage door?

Installing a garage door may take about four to six hours depending on what you need to accomplish. Replacing the garage door with one that fits the existing structure will be much quicker than something like resizing the frame.

How much will it cost to upgrade to an automatic garage door?

The cost of an automatic garage door opener can range anywhere from $400 to $800. This does not include labor costs and added features, such as keypads and additional remote controls. Upgrading from manual to automatic can be expensive, but the increased garage security is a worthwhile trade-off.

Do I need new tracks and hardware to install a new garage door?

The tracks and hardware should match the make and model of your new garage door to ensure proper sizing and functionality. If your new door is the same brand and model as the old one, you can use the old tracks.

Is garage door replacement covered by homeowners insurance?

Most home insurance policies cover garage door damage if it’s part of your residential property, although coverage specifics can vary. Typically, insurance will cover damage from natural disasters and vandalism, but not from general wear and tear.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re installing or repairing a garage door, we recommend getting at least three quotes to compare prices. Doing so will give you the best bang for your buck and a budget reference point.

Fortunately, with our prefab metal garages, you can do both. Roll-up garage doors come with all of our garage products.* Using our 3D customizing tool, you can choose your desired door size and compare the look with different garage designs. 

If you prefer to have a local pro install a different garage door style, we can frame the opening to your needs.

* Most of the roll-up doors offered do not include a chain hoist

Profile picture of Alan Bernau Jr

Alan Bernau Jr

Alan Bernau Jr. is the founder and owner of Alan’s Factory Outlet. He has helped more than 75,000 homeowners design and install custom carports and garages over the last 20 years.

Alan Bernau Jr. is the founder and owner of Alan’s Factory Outlet. He has helped more than 75,000 homeowners design and install custom carports and garages over the last 20 years.

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