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The Bite Force of Different Animals


If you have ever swam in the ocean or visited an aquarium, you may have imagined the possibility of a hungry shark taking a formidable bite out of your leg. While a shark’s bite force has not been officially measured, it is estimated to be 4,000 lbf (pounds-force). That is twenty times more powerful than average human bite force, ten times more powerful than average wolf bite force, and seventeen times more powerful than average pit bull bite force. The strongest bite force currently measured is that of the saltwater crocodile at 3,700 lbf. That is the equivalent of the weight of a 4-door sedan! Scientists have also theorized that the bite force of the extinct Megalodon shark could have been around 25,000 lbf, or the colossal weight of a cruise ship anchor! This infographic compares the bite force of 20 different animals, putting them into perspective with objects that weigh the same amount. For reference, it requires around 900 pounds-force to crush a human femur. Knowing that a hyena (bite force of 1,011 lbf) could do that makes them all the more terrifying. 

Here is a Printable PDF of The Bite Force of Different Animals

This educational resource was put together by the team at Alan’s Factory Outlet, builders of durable steel buildings and custom carports.

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