Poisonous vs Edible Berries


Imagine that you are camping, hiking, or in a dire survival situation and you encounter a big bush bursting with unknown but tasty-looking berries. Before you chow down, make sure that they are safe! Knowing the difference between poisonous and edible berries isn’t as easy as you might think! Many common edible berries have poisonous dopplegangers that can be easily confused if you’re not an expert. Poisonous berries may lead to a myriad of nasty side effects including everything from skin irritation and an upset stomach to more severe problems including convulsions and even death. This educational guide is meant to open your eyes to how hard it can be to distinguish the dangerous from the delicious.

This guide is for educational purposes only. Do not use only this guide to identify poisonous and edible berries, as many other similar species exist that were not included on this infographic. IF THERE IS EVER ANY DOUBT, DO NOT EAT WILD BERRIES!

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