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Low Maintenance Perennials to Make Your Patio Pop


Does your patio area need some lively color? One of the easiest ways to give your patio some flair is to plant a batch of perennials. I searched for information on some appealing perennials that are very easy to care for. Take a look at a few low-maintenance perennials that may be just perfect for your patio area.

Butterfly Bushes

The butterfly bush lives up to its name; it’s irresistible to butterflies of all types, along with other insects. Imagine sitting on your patio this summer, watching the butterflies meander through these lovely purple blooms. If you prefer, you can choose butterfly bushes in pink, yellow, white, red, or all of the above. These plants are easy to care for because they are at home in soil that is reasonably moist. They like full sun, so you don’t have to worry about them getting too much light. Make sure these bushes have plenty of space to grow because they can reach heights of more than six feet tall! They only need to be watered during long dry spells. If a dry spell occurs, go out in the morning to water these plants slowly so the water seeps deep into the soil. I suggest that you remove or ‘deadhead’ any dying clusters of flowers you see in order to keep your butterfly bushes healthy.

Black-Eyed Susans

If you want a gathering of bright, cheerful flowers around your patio, then black-eyed Susans are an excellent choice. These are hardy flowers that don’t need any water unless the ground becomes completely dry. If a drought does occur, simply water your flowers at the base until the roots are soaked. Black-eyed Susans resist pests and can grow to be three feet tall in well-draining soil. When you see black-eyed Susans start to spring up around your patio, you’ll know that summer has arrived. Furthermore, you’ll be enjoying the vibrant yellow of these flowers straight into the fall season.

Purple Coneflowers

A collection of purple coneflowers adds enchanting color to any patio area. One look at the petal formation of this flower and you’ll see how it earned its name. Purple coneflowers can flourish in any type of soil and love the sunlight. These blooms require about an inch of water per week, which they can get through rainfall. If the ground becomes bone dry, however, water these plants at the base to give them the nourishment they need.


Peonies are sometimes referred to as the queens of the garden. This is easy to believe if you’ve ever seen their beautiful white, red, pink, or yellow petals. Peonies can grow in almost any type of soil. These lovely blooms don’t need much water. In fact, you only need to water them if there is a prolonged dry period during the summer. Be sure to water these flowers at the base instead of on the petals. They thrive when they receive several hours of sunlight each day.


Hostas are low-growing green plants with large, flat leaves that can complement the more colorful flowers around your patio. Keep in mind that hostas with light green leaves need more sunlight than varieties with dark green leaves. If you have a shaded area around your patio, you may try planting some hostas with dark green leaves. If you have a drought, be sure to water your hostas to keep them in good condition. They flourish in well-drained soil.

These are just a few suggestions for when you’re ready to plant some flowers around your patio. Good luck and thanks for reading!-Alan

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