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Extreme Playhouses


I love to see neighborhood kids enjoying a playhouse in their backyard. Kids are so creative when it comes to decorating the inside of a playhouse and pretending that it’s a store, a school, or anything they want it to be. I have sheds with front porches in that sometimes remind me a little of a kid’s playhouse. I got curious about the different types of playhouses available today, so I did some research. Take a look at what I found. Enjoy!

Plastic Playhouses

Plastic playhouses are easy to set up and move around the yard, and they can be hosed off when they get dirty. In my research, I saw a bright purple plastic playhouse shaped like a castle with a slide and a drawbridge. There are plastic playhouses that look like miniature cottages with doors and windows that open and close. Some plastic houses are made to look like wooden log cabins. If you go with a plastic playhouse, I’d choose a shady area for it instead of putting it in the direct sunlight.

Wooden Playhouses

I found several wooden playhouses that look like miniature versions of houses. For instance, I saw one wooden playhouse made to look like a Victorian cottage. It has an A-frame roof, shutters on the windows, window boxes, and a Dutch door out front! Kids can paint the outer walls of a wooden house as well as its shutters. Another wooden playhouse that caught my eye featured a slide on one side of its front porch. The playhouse itself stands on stilts about four feet high. Kids access this house by a ladder at the other end of the porch. It’s kind of like a treehouse without the tree. As long as the wood is water-resistant, wooden playhouses can endure the elements and stay in good condition.

Playhouses With a Unique Design

Have you ever heard of a crooked playhouse? This is a house that has all of the features of a traditional playhouse, but the roof or entire structure leans to one side. This is a great idea for a kid who wants a fantasy or storybook-type playhouse. I found another playhouse made of cedar with a curved roof. Its semi-tunnel design has a circular window and door. One of my favorite playhouse designs resembles a pirate ship complete with port holes and a crow’s nest!

To Build or to Buy?

I wondered whether it’s better to build a playhouse or purchase one. Building a playhouse can be complicated or simple depending on its design. If you decide to build, you’d need to buy the wood for the project and have the right kind of tools at your disposal. If you enjoy working on these sorts of projects, then building a playhouse would be an appealing option. Plus, it’s an opportunity to teach kids how to use various tools, measure boards, and create a sturdy structure. Alternatively, if you don’t feel comfortable taking on a project like this, then purchasing a playhouse is a convenient option. The prices for playhouses range from under $100 into the thousands.

Good luck in your quest to find a playhouse in a color and design that your child will love. Thanks for reading. – Alan

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