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Can I turn a carport into a metal garage at a later date

If you purchased your carport from us originally, we can definitely assist you with modifying your existing structure. Unfortunately, we are unable to modify any structure not originally purchased from our company due to the variation of construction methods used.

When purchasing a carport that you may wish to turn into a garage later on, please be careful to select a side height that will be tall enough to accommodate your desired door size. Our sales representatives would be happy to assist you with selecting the best height to meet your needs.

Unfortunately, increasing the side height of an existing structure is not feasible, and we can only increase the length of the Vertical Roof Style Buildings. The Regular Style & Boxed Eave Styles cannot be made longer once installed.

There will be a fee applied to any additions order. This fee does fluctuate but is presently $200.

One final note, I do apologize but we do not offer relocation services for any metal structures (carports or garages).

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