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50 Animal Footprints Found in North America


You’re in the woods, and you come across small animal tracks in the snow. What do you do? What animal is this? How do you find out? With this animal track identification infographic, you can figure out 50 common animal footprints found in North America, from tiny quail to white-tailed deer to grizzly bears! Our diverse American forests are full of beautiful, rare, and interesting species, and our animal tracks guide can help you figure out which creature was nearby. It can be especially useful when you’re trying to differentiate a dog’s footprint from the wild animal paw prints of a wolf or coyote. Then, there are more peaceful creatures that leave a different-sized handprint and footprint: animals like rabbits, for example. Nature tracking can be fun, especially when you see the very strange-looking footprints of different animals like an opossum or a web-toed beaver. Whether you’re looking for wood for your shed in the winter or going exploring in muddy areas in the summer, use our poster as your helpful animal-tracking identifier to learn more about the biodiversity around you!

This infographic was put together by Alan’s Factory Outlet, your source for affordable extra-large carports and metal buildings.

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By Alan Bernau Jr

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