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Virtual Tours of Amazing Architecture Around the World

Pyramids in Egypt

Once, you had to travel around the world to see some of the most amazing architecture and monuments the world had to offer, but now, you can do it from the comfort of your home. From the ruins of civilizations long gone to palaces that still operate today, there are plenty of virtual tours you can check out online that not only show you a beautiful space but also give you the history of the space and the culture surrounding it.

Acropolis Virtual Tour

This virtual tour consists of high-resolution images and panoramas of prominent monuments in Greece like the Parthenon and the Temple of Athena Nike as well as detailed displays of the views of the surrounding area.

Five Spectacular Views of the Egyptian Pyramids

Learn about the pyramids of Giza while exploring 360-degree images of the pyramids from different angles.

Virtually Tour the Sistine Chapel

Get an up close and personal look at the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel without fighting the crowds.

Visit Machu Picchu

While looking at Machu Picchu from a variety of different angles to get a better understanding of this site, you can listen to a tour guide explain the history of what you’re seeing and its significance.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall is easily China’s most famous attraction, and this virtual tour of this wonder consists of 14 scenes in high resolution.

The Taj Mahal

This page offers panoramic photos of the Taj Mahal in India, a video of the area above this wonder, and detailed descriptions of the area and its history.

Step Inside the Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre interactive virtual tour uses photos, videos, and audio to guide you through this famed structure.

Virtual Angkor Project

This project uses new technology to create panoramas that allow you to look around the city of Angkor at different points in time.

Statue of Liberty Virtual Tour

This interactive virtual tour uses high-resolution images, historical information, and images taken throughout history from the same spots to create a detailed understanding of the Statue of Liberty and its past.

Virtual Tours: Buckingham Palace

Check out different rooms in Buckingham Palace here. You can zoom in and look around at the different rooms and even learn about some of the details within the palace.

Explore the Buildings at Versailles

Explore an interactive map of the Palace of Versailles to learn about the estate at your own pace.

George Washington’s Mount Vernon

Visit George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate and learn about the history of every room and why certain rooms are decorated or set up the way they are.

Casa Batlló

Admire this marvel of marine-inspired architecture in Barcelona through a virtual tour.

Golestan Palace

This palace is actually multiple palaces interconnected and was created during the Kahdja Dynasty. It’s been open to the public since the 1980s as a museum to Iran’s past.

The Walt Disney Concert Hall

For its tenth anniversary, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles opened up its doors for a high-definition tour of the auditorium, backstage, and garden that all come together to create this iconic concert hall.

Brick Lane Music Hall

Tour the Brick Lane Music Hall in London, where the tradition of this form of entertainment is kept alive.

Anne of Cleves House

Visit a 3D walk-through of the Anne of Cleves House and learn about the fourth wife of Henry VIII.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin

Visit this Wisconsin abode created by Frank Lloyd Wright in a series of detailed images set to music and voiceovers. This virtual tour also includes spaces that aren’t included in the in-person tours.

The Castle “in Love With the Wind”

The Castle of Ravadinovo in Bulgaria looks like it came from a fairy tale, but it was actually built in the late 20th century. The architecture is breathtaking, and visitors also can take in the surrounding park filled with exotic trees, plants, and flowers.

A Walkthrough of the Roman Baths

Explore England’s Roman Baths, including the Roman Bath House as well as the Sacred Spring.

Lafayette Cemetery

This New Orleans cemetery is filled with striking mausoleums and tombs that encapsulate the history of the area.

Acoma Sky City

This city was built on top of a 367-foot-high sandstone mesa and is the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in North America. You can tour this remarkable destination in New Mexico from your home.

Buildings at Colonial Williamsburg

Discover the history of Williamsburg, Virginia, by going through a virtual tour of the small town, which includes building designs common in the 18th century.

Hollyhock House

Hollyhock House was a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright as an ode to California. It was built between 1919 and 1921 and is considered to be a great example of California Modernism.


Bagan, in what is now Myanmar, was once a political and cultural epicenter of the Bagan Kingdom. This active heritage site has more than 2,000 original monuments still standing in various states of repair.

Tour the Schönbrunn Palace

Choose from any of the different virtual tours of this palace to get a detailed look at the private imperial apartments over the years.

Westminster Abbey

Get an up close and personal tour of the various rooms inside Westminster Abbey, one of England’s most famous sites.

By Alan Bernau Jr

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