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State Mammals: Official Mammals of the United States


The fifty nifty United States are full of amazing wildlife, beautiful creatures, and majestic animals, but some of these have earned the honorary title of state animal. Most states have named their own state birds, fishes, and pets as well as an array of other animals, but here are the USA’s favorite animals that are closest to us: state mammals. From the huge and intimidating California state mammal, the grizzly bear, to the tiny rodent of North Carolina, the gray squirrel, these state mammals reveal the wide array of creatures beloved in the U.S. Note that many states have had several official state mammals! For example, the Colorado state mammal is technically the bighorn sheep, but the official state pets are Colorado shelter pets. We chose the state mammal that was declared first in each state’s history. Explore these beautiful wild and domestic state mammals from sea to shining sea!

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