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Building Shelter and Other Survival Tips

First Aid, Clothing and Climate

Making Shelter

Making Fire

Plants, Animals and Safe Cooking Tips

How to Find Water

Dangerous Predators

  • Follow these guidelines to avoid dangerous predators such as bears and cougars when hiking, camping or in the wilderness.
  • Learn about wilderness safety and how to identify dangerous predators with this guide.
  • Stay safe from predators and other animals when in the wilderness by utilizing the tips in this resource guide.
  • Learn wilderness and survival techniques from Survivorman and ensure you are safe are from predators such as bears and snakes.
  • Feeding wildlife attracts dangerous predators and jeopardizes public health.

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Order a Metal Shed as Shelter for your Equipment

People aren’t the only ones who need protection from the environment – your property does too! A metal shed from Alan’s Factory Outlet is the perfect protection for all your large storage needs. Our pre-assembled sheds are made from tough and affordable aluminum to stand up to the harshest weather elements. So, whether you need to protect your lawn equipment, a motorcycle, or anything else, our shed kits are up to the task. Order today for free delivery and installation!


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