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15 Ways To Upgrade Your Home For Less Than $100

Are you looking for ways to upgrade or update your home? Good news! There are many ways to update the look of your home at a cost of less than $100.

  1. Replace Kitchen Cabinet Hardware: Update your kitchen cabinets by replacing the handles and hinges. This task can be done in four hours or less with a screwdriver or a drill. Cabinet handles and hinges can be purchased in packs of ten or 12. The approximate cost for this project is around $80. This change will give your kitchen a refreshed look.
  2. Get a Programmable Thermostat: It takes an hour or less to install a programmable thermostat, and it’s a fairly easy process with the right tools. The price of a programmable thermostat ranges from $20 to $40, and it can reduce your yearly heating and cooling costs by 10%.
  3. Add a Kitchen Backsplash: Installing a colorful peel-and-stick backsplash in your kitchen is simple and takes around four hours to accomplish. The cost of the backsplash depends on the brand you choose and the total square footage. The cost range for this project is $50 to $90. A backsplash adds instant color and interest to your kitchen’s décor.
  4. Install Walkway Lighting: Solar LED pathway lights are attractive and inexpensive. They soak up the sunlight during the day and shine brightly at night. It takes less than 20 minutes to take these lights out of the box and stick them into the ground. Your glowing walkway will add appeal to your yard, and they’ll also look really nice lighting the perimeter of your carport. The approximate cost of the project is $30 to $40 for a pack of eight pathway lights.
  5. Replace the Curtains: Replacing outdated curtains with colorful, insulated drapes is easy to do! Taking one pair of curtains down and sliding another pair onto the rod can be done in less than ten minutes. Insulated curtains help to keep the cold air out in the wintertime, which results in savings on your heating bill. The approximate cost of this project is $50.
  6. Get a New Shower Curtain and Bathmat: Replace your current shower curtain with one featuring different colors and a new design. Then, purchase a new bathmat in a color that complements your shower curtain. These two changes are easy to make in under 15 minutes and instantly refresh the décor of a bathroom. The approximate cost of this project is $60.
  7. Replace Light Switch Covers: Take a few minutes to replace old light switch covers around your home. Today, there are light switch covers available in a variety of designs and materials. Think creatively. You may find some unique switch covers at a local garage sale. The final cost of this project is likely to be between $10 and $50, depending on how many switch covers you replace.
  8. Put Mulch Around Plants: Add some mulch to the garden beds around your home. A layer of mulch around your plants and trees makes your property look neat and well-kept. This project can take from an hour to half a day depending on how many garden beds you have on your property. This project will cost around $50.
  9. Replace the Doorbell Cover: This is another small detail on a home that is easy to update. The task takes less than two hours. Choose a doorbell cover in a unique shape or color. The cost of this project ranges from $10 to $50 depending on the design of the doorbell cover. A unique doorbell helps your home make a great first impression!
  10. Replace the Front Doorknob and Lock: This easy job takes less than an hour and can renew the look of your front door. There are inexpensive doorknobs and locks sold together. The approximate cost of this project is $50.
  11. Whitewash an Interior Brick Wall: If you have a plain brick wall in a bedroom or family room, whitewash it with a tinted latex stain. This project takes about half a day to a day, depending on how many coats you put on the wall. It’s easy, and a gallon of this stain costs around $20.
  12. Replace Lampshades: Change the lampshades on all of the lamps in the living room or bedroom. If you have plain white shades, replace them with lampshades in pale blue, green, or even rich gold. It takes just minutes to remove an old shade and attach a new one. Put your old lampshades in the basement or garage until you have time to donate them or add them to your next garage sale. The approximate cost of this project is $90.
  13. Replace the Bathroom Mirror: If you have a plain rectangular mirror in the bathroom, replace it with a framed one. There are mirrors in different shapes with frames featuring a variety of finishes. It’s an easy, quick process to hang a mirror securely with heavy wire. This project costs around $80.
  14. Add Floating Shelves to the Kitchen: Installing floating shelves on a kitchen wall gives you a place to display spices, photos, recipe books, and more. This easy project can be done in less than two hours and costs around $70.
  15. Install Decorative Window Film: Decorative window film is easy to put up on almost any window and is available in dozens of designs. You can even make a window look like it’s made of stained glass! This job can be done in under an hour, and it only costs around $40. As a bonus, you can remove this film whenever you want.

I hope these suggestions are helpful to you. Remember that sometimes, a seemingly small change can make a big difference in your home. Thanks for reading. – Alan

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