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50 Fish Species of North America: The A to Z of Local Fish


It’s time to go fish! We’ve created a helpful list of different kinds of fish of North America, from the humble catfish to the rare golden trout to the beautiful giant oarfish! No matter which coast you’re on or which lake you’re near, there’s a humble ecosystem of amazing creatures. From huge sharks to tiny sticklebacks, there are all kinds of fish in America! This different types of fish list shows where each fish species comes from as well as which state has made it its official state fish. We’ve also pointed out the types of freshwater fish in America versus the types of saltwater fish. Identification pictures can help, but you can also use the fish species database to find the exact fish you’re looking for. Our list of fish names and pictures is in alphabetical order and can give an inkling of the huge variety of fish types there are in America. Learn more about your world and the cool types of fishes with pictures and names! On the other hand, if you’ve already caught something while you were out fishing and are asking, “What kind of fish is this?” consider using our fish identification chart and the database together to find exactly what it is. Of course, freshwater fish of North America have such a variety that it’s very important to keep in mind your location! You’ll have a much better idea of what you’ve caught if you look up what the local species are in Alaska as opposed to Florida or Lake Michigan. Go fishing, have fun, and learn more about fish species in North America with our handy list! 

This educational resource was put together by the team at Alan’s Factory Outlet, makers of high-quality RV carports and boat storage buildings.

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By Alan Bernau Jr

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