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10 Ways to Start a Fire

What is the proper way to start a fire without lighter fluid, a fire starter, charcoal, matches, a lighter, or other materials you’d normally have while camping? Here’s how to start a fire without matches, or rather, here’s several different methods of starting a fire with sticks, water, your cell phone, litter, or whatever tools you might have on you in a survival situation. When you’re caught unaware, who knows might be hiding in your pocket? If you happen to have any of these things handy, you can learn how to start a fire with a battery in seconds, get embers with your cell phone, or create a spark with a magnifying glass made from ice, a water bottle, or some other clear, focusing item on a sunny day.

If you’re really hoping to learn how to start a fire in the woods when you have absolutely nothing, you might want to learn the old Boy Scout tricks of the fire plow, hand drill, and bow drill techniques. They  might take a bit of patience, but learning how to start a fire with sticks on your own at home might save your life in the future if you have nothing on you.

What’s the best way to start a fire without matches? If you have a lighter without fluid, you can still get it going even though it’s dead. That and the battery-gum-wrapper technique might be the fastest methods for how to start a fire in a rush. It all depends on what you have to work with in terms of sunlight, skill, and time!

Learn how to make fire without a lighter or matches with these quick survivalist techniques! Click the link to view a printable version of each technique: 

Here is a Printable PDF of 10 Ways to Start a Fire

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