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We sell residential, RV, and commercial carports from 12 to 60 feet wide.

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12×2018×2020×2020×3030×30custom size.

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We deliver and install in 21 states across the US.

We sell carports in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Southern Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

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  • Comes with a one-year quality warranty
  • Get a 20-year warranty on 12-gauge framing
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  • We have more than 75,000 satisfied customers (average rating of 4.8 stars)

Frequently Asked Questions

The wind rating for our structures varies based on the region, carport size, and various upgrades available. In many cases, the structures are designed to handle up to 150 MPH winds (3-second gusts, not sustained), with options to upgrade to a higher wind load if desired.

While some people have found creative ways to move a carport, it is not recommended. The carports are intended to remain anchored to their installation surface, and never relocated.

We have three different roof styles to select from. The most economical is the Regular Style Roof. This style has a rounded roof line that wraps around into the leg posts, with horizontal roof paneling. The next two styles are the Boxed Eave Style & Vertical Roof Style. Both are A-Frame styles, which means they are not rounded like the Regular Style, but instead have an overhang on all four sides. While both are A-Frame styles, the Boxed Eave Style has horizontal roof paneling, and the Vertical Roof Style has vertical roof paneling. Vertical roof paneling is important as it will allow for the best drainage, but it is also the most expensive of the three roof styles.

Many of our carports are manufactured by Carolina Carports. They are known for their high-quality, low-cost carports. We also work with Eagle Carports as well in a portion of our service zone.

This is actually determined by your local permit office or building codes. We would recommend you check into local requirements to determine if they classify a carport as a permanent structure. They can also advise if a permit is required for a carport to be installed.

Our carports are designed with local weather conditions in mind, which vary widely throughout the country. In many regions, the standard snow load included with our carports are 35 PSF (35lbs of snow per square foot); however, we offer up to a 50 PSF option. It’s important to note that a snow load is determined by the weight of the snow, as opposed to the depth of snow in terms of inches/feet. This is because snow can be very wet & heavy, or very dry & light. With that said, the snow load cannot be converted to feet/inches per square foot. We would encourage you to check with your local building codes to determine if any specific snow load is required for your region to be sure you order a carport that will be in compliance with that requirement.

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