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RV Cover vs. Carport

One of the most important aspects of owning an RV is making sure it’s well protected during the off-season and when it’s not in use. To do so, you have several at your disposal. Some options are costlier than others. Two of the most popular at-home RV storage options you can choose from are an RV cover or an RV carport.

RV Carports vs. Covers: Which is Better?

RV Cover

RV covers have several advantages. They’re generally cheaper than a full RV carport and don’t require much in the way of setup. They also come in a wide variety of sizes and provide some protection from natural elements that can damage your RV. However, RV covers aren’t without their disadvantages. RV covers don’t last nearly as long as carports, which means you’ll likely end up buying a few of them over time. Furthermore, while they provide some protection, they aren’t entirely weatherproof and won’t protect against things like falling tree limbs.

RV Carport

RV carports are more expensive than covers but provide significantly more protection for your RV and its value. While covers merely drape over the RV, carports are sturdy structures that will keep harmful elements such as snow, rain, and debris completely off your vehicle. Additionally, RV carports can provide extra storage space that you don’t get from a cover. So, if you have some extra room in your carport, you can store more than just your RV inside. Access is far easier as well. A cover will need to be removed and reapplied anytime you need to get into your RV but, a carport, you can simply walk in and out of.

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