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Picnic Shelters


A metal carport is one nice way to make a picnic shelter.

Finding and taking advantage of adequate shelter is an important part of having a fun and successful picnic. Selecting the perfect recipes to create great meals builds anticipation and appreciation for an outing, but it all can be ruined with just a few minutes of rain or other types of inclement weather. That’s why it’s imperative to find the perfect structure under which to have your relaxing picnic. Though there are plenty of public and private places that offer picnic shelter, nothing can beat having your own, personal setup in your backyard. At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we offer a wide array of shelters from which to choose that you can buy to begin creating your picnic paradise. With the right picnic shelters at your disposal, you’re sure to experience an interesting and satisfying picnic, whether its purpose is to watch birds migrating for the winter while eating cheese or share a poignant moment with your significant other over wine.

Plan ahead by considering basic protection from the elements during a picnic. Shelters like pergolas can provide adequate defense against the sun’s potentially harmful rays, especially if the tops of them are draped with tarps or other durable coverings. Having an outing under these types of structures can also help guard against unexpected inclement weather. Even minor drizzling has been known to soak food and ruin a painstakingly planned picnic. Shelter such as this can be an insurance policy against uncontrollable weather and can help guarantee that an outdoor feast can be enjoyed without a hiccup. While you’re free to respect tradition and have your picnic while sitting atop a blanket, our pergolas offer a great opportunity to invest in a picnic table. When a table is placed under a pergola for cover, a picnic can take on a more formal feel. This type of layout may even be considered accessible for those with disabilities, if any of your guests have mobility issues that prohibit them from sitting on the ground.

If you live in a region with a temperate climate and enjoy warm winters, consider scheduling a picnic well into the holiday season. While the appropriate dishes and food types may shift to correspond with seasonal foods and tastes, know that you’re free to indulge in a picnic any time of year. Wintery picnics offer their own share of benefits, including providing an opportunity to compare how the topography of your region has changed over the course of a few months. Given the right libations and conversational topics under a picnic shelter, outings during this time of year can be some of the most wonderful that take place.

If having picnics is a treasured tradition between you and your family and friends, consider a more permanent and versatile solution. Our carports can function as picnic shelter kits and, when propped up and positioned to your liking, can provide you with year-round cover for the most spontaneous of outdoor meals. When a wooden table and chairs are added to the structure, the look of your picnic area can go from casual to fancy in a flash. Interior decorations can also lend an air of romance for those who are or currently desire to be madly in love.

At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we have a wide variety of carports and metal garages and other structures that can act as your own, personal picnic shelter kits. Simply browse our online store to view all of our prefab picnic shelters for sale. All of our structures are ready for immediate purchase and can be delivered as soon as you schedule a date. Contact us today for suggestions on which particular structure to buy if you require help selecting a structure that will complement both your practical needs and culinary whims.

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