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Lemonade Stands for Beginners


When most people think of America, they immediately picture things like apple pie, baseball games, and the American flag flying in front of a home. What about a homemade lemonade stand manned by a couple of neighborhood kids? Now that’s an American tradition! You may have spent a few summers as a kid selling refreshments at your own stand. Creating a lemonade stand is an excellent way for kids to learn about taking on and following through with the responsibility of a project. Check out some helpful tips for kids who want to set up their own lemonade stand this summer.

Creating a Lemonade Stand

There are lots of ways to construct a stand. Parents should encourage their kids to use materials that they find around the home. One idea is for kids to borrow two sawhorses from the garage, position them four feet apart, and lay a small sheet of plywood across them to make a table. A large, sturdy cardboard box turned upside-down also makes a great table for a lemonade stand. Kids should be sure to put some heavy rocks on the flaps of the box to secure it to the grass. A wagon is another item that can serve as a stand to sell lemonade. When the stand closes, kids can transport all of their supplies right back to the house.

Advertising the Sale

Kids may want to put up signs directing pedestrians and cars to their lemonade stand. For instance, if kids set up a stand in front of a house on a cul-de-sac, they could post a yard sign at the entrance to the street. Kids can use construction paper and markers to make signs advertising their lemonade sale. If they have a discarded yard sign, they could attach their advertisement to it and put it in a place where passers-by would notice it. Parents can encourage kids to come up with a catchy phrase to get people’s attention.

Where to Put the Lemonade Stand

It’s a good idea for kids to set up their lemonade stand in front of their home. Of course, they should make sure it’s a few feet back from the road. I suggest that parents advise their kids on the best spot for their stand. It should always be in a place where parents can supervise all of the activities.

Making and Serving the Lemonade

When it comes to preparing the lemonade and deciding on the price per cup, parents can teach their kids how to factor in the cost of the lemonade ingredients as they figure out what to charge customers. Operating a lemonade stand teaches kids the importance of figuring out what they need to earn in order to cover their expenses. Kids also learn how to present their lemonade in the most appealing way. They may want to decorate the disposable cups and use an attractive pitcher for their tasty creation. Kids can be as imaginative as they want when setting up their sidewalk lemonade business! In addition, they get some practice with making change for customers and keeping track of the coins and bills in their money box.

Hopefully, when the lemonade stand closes for the day, the kids will have earned a profit as a result of all of their creative selling ideas. This fun project can get kids thinking about other businesses and money-making ideas. Thanks for reading! – Alan

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